Thursday, August 2, 2012

Whole Fruit Popsicles and a Big Thank you

When I hung my heart out on my sleeve the other day and talked about comparison, it definitely made me feel vulnerable but, it also felt so freeing to speak from my heart. Today, I want to say a big thank you for the sweet words in your comments. I know not everyone is a "commenter" and not everyone has facebook and blogging diarrhea-mouth like I do, but, to those of you who share your kind words with me, please know that I appreciate it!

Writing is such a passion of mine and when I'm able to put pieces of my heart out here and other women can relate, it feels like a beautiful connection. So, thank you!

So, on a totally separate note, I want to share a very simple and delicious way to make Whole Fruit Popsicles. The other day, we went raspberry picking and instead of being super on-top of it and using all my raspberries immediately, I put most of them into bags and froze them.

Yesterday I pulled a bag of these sweet and delicious berries out of the freezer and after they were thawed, I stirred in about 2 cups of our favorite Strawberry Yogurt.
Thawed berries. 
 After stirring in some yogurt. 
That's all you need for Whole Fruit Popsicles......Your favorite yogurt and whole fruit! 
My kids had one for their morning snack today and honestly, I'll let them eat as many as they want. These are super healthy and I'm loving their color.
Happy {almost} weekend! We are going to be busy celebrating our anniversary, going to our town's little parade and spending time as a family at the fair. Enjoy!
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  1. I love this! And I have the ingredients already. Thanks for this healthy snack idea!

  2. Thank you for the idea and what a beatutiful blog you have. I am going to chek it out now. :)


  3. Yummy these look great.. What a great blog it makes me hungry lol check out my food blog if you get a min and have not done it already..

  4. So Yummy!

    I’d love it if you shared this with the Fun Family Crafts audience.
    FFC is similar to Craftgawker but it only features kid friendly tutorials.

    Looking forward to seeing what fun crafts you submit!

  5. Stopping by from Crazy Sweet Tuesday!

    What a fantastic popsicle! I love how you've used whole raspberries to make this treat! Yum!

  6. Oh wow.. how simple! And they look great Angela! Yum!

    PS.. CONGRATS ON BABY THREE!!!! SO so so excited for you!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Financial Friday last week! I hope to see ya there tomorrow at 7!

  7. yum! I just made yogurt pops and did some fun fruit and yogurt toppers...i love the color of your pops!!

  8. YUM - Have to try these, the Edy's & Blue Bunny ones @ the Grocery store can get so expensive!!! Thanks for the info... ;-)


  9. I LOVE,LOVE,Love this idea. What is the amount of fruit you need to make these,and how many does it make?


Thank you for your comments. I read every single one of them and they always make me smile.


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