Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good Friends and a Funeral

It was sometime last week that I saw the notice on Facebook, saying the worship leader from a church that we used to attend had passed away. This church was where my husband got saved and this man was the first worship leader that really influenced my husband. When I read the news, sadness fell over me but, it wasn't for our was for his sweet kids that he left behind.

Today we attended the funeral. Is it just me or is it hard to decide what to wear to a funeral? When I was young, my mom always encouraged me to wear what was comfortable and the whole formality of what's the "proper" thing to wear wasn't a big deal. Oh, I love my mom with all my heart but, can I tell you how many times I've worn the wrong thing to an important event? In high school, I once wore khaki's and a plaid shirt to a funeral. I stuck out like a cheeseburger in a Chinese restaurant and I'll never forget it. To this day, I feel like I need a book that tells me what's appropriate and what's not appropriate. In case your wondering, today I decided to go with a casual black dress and heels, which was embarrassment-free, until Judah put his hand up the back my dress in Costco and almost flashed my rear end to 30 people. True story. Watch your preschooler's hands, ladies.

The Celebration of Life service was perfect. Everyone worshiped in his honor and it was my favorite kind of worship-the kind where everyone is standing, hands raised and you get so lost in praise that you forget about where you are and who's around you. It was evident today and even though we are all sinners, and we all have our own inner struggles, God is so much bigger. Jesus gets the final word!

The gathering was filled with many different faces that we haven't seen in years. Seeing lots of people that I haven't seen in a long time makes me nervous, although it shouldn't. Catching up with everyone was wonderful and afterwards, I just wanted to do it all over again but, under different circumstances.

So, tonight I'm feeling grateful for the opportunity to catch up with old friends. Thankful for our sweet friends that took care of our kids today,  sad for the family who lost this wonderful man and thankful that God is
always in control.

Philippians 4:7
Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

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