Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stenciled Burlap Table Runner

{The entertainment center that my husband and I recently re-finished 
and distressed with Annie Sloan chalk paint. The glass knobs to finish it off will be here any day!}

Taking the time to create something often seems like it's what we have the least amount of time for. For me, crafting has been pushed to the back burner over the last month or two. With lower energy and a hundred other areas that need me, creating something I love has been one of my last priorities. Big mistake because, I need it. I need to create.......it's like cheap therapy for me.

Yesterday was an exceptionally busy day. It was mandatory for my husband to work on Labor Day and instead of sitting home with our little ones and having a pity party, I packed a lunch and headed out to the zoo. With a 1 year old, a 3 year old and me (with first trimester exhaustion), by the time we got back home, I could hardly function. Oh yes, the kids had a blast but, no one napped yesterday and this Momma was tired. I tucked them into their beds early last night, kissed their heads and then set out to reclaim the creative side of myself that's been hiding.

This project is my favorite kind....Simple. Fast. Cheap. While I was fabric shopping at JoAnn's last weekend, I noticed that they sell burlap by the yard for only $3.99! Seriously, why hasn't anyone told me this? It's such an awesome deal!

To make a burlap table runner:
Decide how long you want your table runner to be and then cut the burlap slightly longer. You'll be hemming all of the edges so, cut it approximately 1 or 2 inches larger than you need it. If your piece of burlap isn't long enough, sew two smaller pieces together.

Sew all edges of the burlap so, they won't fray.
After sewing the burlap runner, use a stencil and acrylic paint to give it whatever design you choose. You could stencil your families last name in the middle, there are 1000 designs you could use for Christmas or you could be like me and just do a simple design on each end. The possibilities are endless! After making this table runner, I started thinking about how cute it would be to make burlap place mats, stenciled with each person's name.

Our table runner is going to help decorate the entertainment center that my husband and I recently re-finished. This was by far, our biggest project yet . It was a $40 Craigslist find that was dark wood with lots and lots of scratches. First we sanded it down and then we gave it a few coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint (the color is called Old White), before distressing it and then waxing it. The vintage glass knobs are ordered and once those are on, it'll be totally finished.

One thing I love about this entertainment center is how the top of it just begs to be decorated. We don't have a mantel in our home so, this is going to be like a "mantel" for me....in the way that I can change out the decorations with the seasons.
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  1. Did you get a new TV armoire? So cute! Love the table runner too.

    1. The TV armoire is a craigslist find that we recently refinished. It was a long project but, I love it. It was dark brown when we bought it with tons of scratches.....

  2. I just made a burlap runner too and, like you, I had NO IDEA burlap was so cheap! And, it goes on 50% off at Jo-Ann's Fabrics every few weeks!

    1. Oh, I'm going to go check out your burlap runner!

  3. So adorable!!!!!!!!! Love!

    Also, I love your wall paint color. May I ask what color/brand it is?


    1. Thanks! Yes, our wall paint is called "Only Natural" and it's from Home Depot. When we bought our house a year ago, we had to re-paint every surface in it before we moved in. We used that color for the main area (with white ceilings) and I've been pretty happy with it!

  4. Thank you so much for linking up to Financial Friday! Im sharing this on a fall decor roundup post tomorrow!


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