Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days, Day 12: Nurses

Tonight was the second night that during dinner, Judah started talking about nurses and asking questions. This time, he asked Daddy to leave the room first, so "he could talk to Mommy about something".

Judah (knowing very well the answer to his question): Mommy, what are nurses?
Mommy: Well, they are the nice ladies who help the Doctor.
Judah, starts giggling and hiding his face under the table. Face comes up and it's a little pink.
Mommy: Judah, do you like nurses?
Judah, still giggling and hiding his face: Um yeah, I do. (followed by a red face and more giggling)

Then there's this quote from the other day:
In his most serious voice, "Mommy, when our baby comes out, I'm going to walk over to him and ask him what his name is. If he says his name is DooDee, I'm going to come tell you, right away!!!"

And one more reason why I love this dog, she doesn't even mind when the kids decorate her with stickers. 

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