Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days, Day 18: Make a Creative Mess

Over the last few days, I've dove head first into "birthday" mode. Before speaking at Pregnancy Choices, I was totally emerged in all things baby food and healthy snacks for Moms. Switching gears has felt good and even though I've waited until the last minute for any party prep, it's getting done. Frankly, last minute is how I roll these days......

Twice in the last two days, the kids have been caught sneaking off with the bag of marshmallows while frantically stuffing their mouths. The good Mommy in me is trying to teach that them that this is NOT a good choice and that being sneaky is NOT going to fly in this house. The bad Mommy in me is dreaming up 100 super scary things to hide in the marshmallow bag. Oh sweetie, sorry about that big plastic spider in there! Sorry you'll never want to eat a marshmallow again....serves you right. Just kidding, I promise I won't do that.

One thing I often forget is that when I create an environment where they can play creatively, it really pays off. Today we dressed the animals up in pajamas, Judah built a fort, brought books in there and I let him borrow one of our flashlights. The living room was basically a disaster zone but, the fun they had was so worth it and no one was stuffing their face with marshmallows. Everyone wins......well, except the living room.
So, for day 18 of "Celebrating the Moments that Matter", go make a creative mess. Not just any mess but, an intentional, creative, cozy at home type of mess.


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