Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days, Day 28: 18 Weeks Pregnant!

Lately I feel like I've entered the most wonderful stage of pregnancy. The morning sickness is mostly gone, my energy is pretty good and I can still bend over without turning blue in the face. The most wonderful thing is that I've been feeling tons of baby movement lately. When I sit down, it usually only takes a few minutes before I start to feel little pokes and kicks and I'm loving that!

Over the last few weeks, I've felt myself completely bonding with this baby. It's incredible to be able to love someone so much that you haven't even met. Without knowing who this little person is, or even knowing if we're having a "he" or a "she", I've already fallen so in love.

As I was falling asleep last night, my mind was filled dreams of holding this baby, all tiny and swaddled. I can't wait to kiss his or her cheeks and breathe in that new baby smell. 

Looking ahead, I know the next few months will go by fast. For the next 3 months, we have either a Birthday or a Holiday literally every two weeks. This time of year is the absolute best, isn't it????
I really don't love these pictures that we took of me today at the pumpkin patch but, they'll have to do. Writing about this pregnancy is really important to me because I want to remember the little things that I might otherwise forget. 

The nitty-gritty details of 18 weeks:
Weight Gain: I've got to say that I'm pretty sure everyone loves reading this part. It makes YOU (yes you, the reader), feel good about yourself and me (the big pregnant lady), feel like a freak'n cow. I've gained 13 pounds. See, now you feel like you can go have another cookie. You're welcome.
On a serious note, my weight gain so far is actually less than it was with my other two kids so, I'm doing better than I have in the past. I'm still shooting to be in the normal range so, if I gain less than 35lb, I'll be happy.
How I'm feeling: Good! Morning sickness is mostly gone!
What I'm wearing: Regular pants and mostly regular shirts. 
What I'm eating/craving: I haven't really been craving anything lately or having any weird for aversions. For the most part, I'm eating pretty normal. 
How I'm sleeping: I've been sleeping well! I get up once or twice a night to go pee and then I'm right back to sleep. Of course, I've been having some really crazy dreams!
Emotions/Thoughts/ Feelings: Love, excitement and joy! I can't wait to know more about who this little person is!



  1. what a blessed pregnancy! love following your journey :)

    1. Thank you! I do feel like this pregnancy is going remarkably smoothly and I feel super blessed. How are you guys doing?

  2. Oh Paaaleeease!!! You are no where near "cow stage" yet ;) You are so beautiful and I think 13 at this point is really good and healthy! It's so fun you get to feel your little one so much already, this really is the best part of pregnancy!

  3. Almost 1/2 way through! Glad the morning sickness is the relaxing can begin! :)


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