Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days, Day 9: Full to the Brim Tuesday

Tuesday's are the fullest day of our week but, regardless of how packed they are, I love them. It's safe to say that they might even be my favorite day of the week. One of my greatest pet-peeves is when someone says "Yes" to something or a lot of "somethings" and then they complain about how busy they are.....However, that's not a rabbit trail that I'm going to go down. Not now at least.

Our day was filled with MOPS, then time with the neighbor kids, potluck dinner with our home group, Awana and then after all of that, I went to a Spa Night for our MOPS group. It was full and it was great. The sweet moments were abundant and the photos taken were few. I actually didn't take a single picture today and that's alright.

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