Friday, November 30, 2012

Makin' Lemonade

This week has been one of those sink or swim, go big or go home, make the most of it or get-real-down kinds of weeks. I'd like to say that although it hasn't been perfect, the kids and I've been makin' lots of lemonade. Everyday this week, I've parented solo, all the way straight through bedtime. I'm married to one of the greatest guys in the world and sometimes, he has to work like....a lot. It's just the name of the game for us and although it could be better, I also know that it could also be a lot worse. 
And so, because it's almost being December (woo! hoo!), we've been decorating Gingerbread houses. 
This kit is from my secret sister. What an awesome gift, isn't it? The kids and I had the best time with this!
Their houses even stayed together for longer than 5 minutes but, then they got a little too excited, started spreading the icing on a little too rough and the houses went smash. No biggie, though. This was so much fun. At this point, we're the kind of family that decorates our houses and then eats them. In my book, decorated houses that look pretty and are un-eaten are highly overrated. 
Lazy mornings with Ovaltine, Curious George and my new Christmas pillows have been part of the routine this week.

This morning called for a special breakfast....just because. Have you ever tried mashing a banana or two into your regular pancake batter? Honestly, it makes the pancakes SO good and I love that it helps make them a touch healthier. Top them with butter and a few Christmas sprinkles and your kids will definitely feel like it's a special breakfast. 
Letters to Santa have been written and I'm sure they'll be written again and again. This year, Judah did that J all by himself and then I helped him write the rest of his name. He drew what he wants to get for Christmas: a  lunch box and a remote control firetruck. 
Part of making the most of our week has been trying to be flexible. One night, I was flat-out-can-hardly-function tired and so we drove around, listening to Christmas music and we looked at Christmas lights. Afterwards, we picked up a pizza and then came home and ate dinner together. I feel like sometimes it's best to simply make the most of the moment and create memories, in times that could otherwise be challenging. 
As I think forward to a few months from now, I realize that when we have one of these longer weeks, it's going to be a bit different with a new little one. With a small baby, the way we make our lemonade is going to change. Most likely, we won't run around quite so much. In the mean time, this is the way we've made the most of our week and celebrated the beginning of the Christmas Season.

I hope you've had a wonderful week, sweet friends. Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Love the adorable smile with a little frosting on the nose, and the Christmas tree shot is precious!

  2. Love all of these shots!!!! So festive <3

  3. those long days single parenting are hard. i know. looks like you made the most of it though. lovely photos
    coming through simple as that

  4. How fun are those kits! Solo days are tough on everybody, but hopefully you were able to get some down time after the fact.


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