Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

Long before we were even parents, going to this tree farm became a tradition. I think we even went here together when we were dating and every year since then, it's been even more fun. Christmas is so special and when you add kids to the magic of the season, the special moments get multiplied.

Today we visited with the donkeys, sat on the miniature train, drank hot cocoa and of course, hiked around in search of the perfect tree. 
The kids were so excited to be there and we sure had a beautiful day for it!
We found our tree quickly but, we weren't ready to go home yet so, we let the kids play around for awhile. It was too perfect of a day to be in a hurry. 
After Jeremiah sawed the tree down, Judah and Paisley helped him carry it to the car. They loved every second of it and watching them melted me just a little. What's really weird is when we go get our tree next year, we'll be a family of 5.
One of our traditions is to get each child a special ornament each year and write their name and the year on it. This tradition makes me so happy because I know that someday each of these special ornaments will go with them when they move into their own homes. 

To be honest, writing that last sentence made my legs feel slightly numb. It's hard to think that our tiny ones will someday go with their own families to get their own trees. I guess it's just one more reason why it's important to eat up every single moment with them while they're still young. 

And so, each year they get a new ornament and today Judah felt like a very big boy, standing on the ladder and hanging his. 
Tonight our house smells like Christmas Tree and the lights from the tree are the only ones needed.

I'm so glad the Christmas season is here. How did you spend your Saturday? I hope it was wonderful!
And just because I can now officially say it.....Merry Christmas!


  1. What a lovely family tradition!

  2. Oh I love that last picture! Such a beautiful tree :)
    new follower!

  3. oh wow, love this family outing and christmas tradition!! what beautiful photos!!

  4. Love your blog, Angela. Such beautiful memories captured here! :)


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