Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Monday and 22 Weeks Pregnant

This morning was the frostiest one that we've had this year. When I woke up, it reminded me of when I was younger, and I'd talk myself into thinking that the frost was snow. When it's cold enough and the frost heavily coats the outside world, it really does look like a light dusting of snow and that makes my heart beat just a little faster. I swear, I really do belong in a state like Alaska or something. 
Before preschool Judah wanted me to take a picture of him with his little Christmas tree that we have in his bedroom and his new vest. The vest is from his wonderful cousins....who really aren't cousins but, I'm too tired to figure out exactly what they are so, we'll just call them cousins. I know, it sounds so up-river but, I promise it really isn't. He loves this vest- like a ton and as soon as he saw his preschool teacher he said "Hi! You've never seen me in this vest before!!"

With my cell phone, I quickly snapped about 10 photos of him, the vest and his tiny tree but, as I went through them tonight, I realized zero of them turned out. This is the best of the bunch. Seriously. Blah. He's still cute....don't you think?
Our Morning was filled with a visit from a sweet friend who even brought me my FIRST Egg Nog Latte of the season! It was so good to catch up with her and I hope we can do it again soon. After preschool, my sister and her boys came over for lunch and a short visit. 

After they went home for naps, Judah took his nap while Paisley spent her naptime singing away in her crib. Nope, she never fell asleep but, at least she was happy and at least she's still in a crib. Once in awhile, she decides to skip her nap and on those days, I'm particularly thankful that she's happy, confined and that she still gets a quiet time. Does that sound bad? I hope not. 

While they napped, I made these Peppermint Bark Scones to bring to MOPS. I hope the ladies love them. 
For Week 22, I honestly feel like I've got pretty much nothing to share....not even a half decent photo. Right now I'm promising myself that I'll do better with the picture next week because this just isn't cutting it. Actually, it's down right embarrassing. Sweatpants, old sweatshirt, fuzzy hair. This is me after I've tucked my kids in. Please tell me you can relate. 
As I've been thinking about Week 22, I remembered a post that I wrote when I was 21 Weeks Pregnant with Paisley. This post is a short list of things that I love about the second trimester and it pretty much describes how I'm feeling right now. 

How I'm Feeling: Good! I still feel sick most mornings but, it usually passes pretty quickly after I've eaten something. I've noticed that when I eat more sugar/higher-glycemic foods, I tend to feel more sick. Obviously, with Thanksgiving, I've been eating more junk so, lately my sickness has been a little worse. 

What I'm Eating/Craving: Anything spicy sounds amazing. Thank God I don't get heartburn. 

How I'm Sleeping: Really well. Some nights I haven't even been waking up to pee. 

What I'm Wearing: Lately I've been obsessed with leggings and dresses. Nothing is more comfy so, that's what I wear a lot. I still have a few regular pairs of pants that fit but, it's almost time to give in and break out the maternity pants.

Emotions/Thoughts:Right now, I'm feeling really excited to know what this baby's name will be. We aren't even close to deciding because finding names that we both like seems really hard. I know there isn't any rush but, it will be fun when all of these sweet little kicks have a name behind them. 

This week, I had a chance to try a new product, made especially for pregnant women or women who are planning on conceiving. Premama is a flavor-less prenatal vitamin drink complete with key nutrients including DHA, Folic Acid, and Iron. Packed with Ginger, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium to help moms with nausea and digestive relief.
If you're pregnant or you're planning on becoming pregnant and you're looking for an awesome alternative to the prenatal horse pills, Premama is definitely something that you should try. 

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In exchange for the review of Premama, I received a 30 Day Supply. As always, these opinions are entirely mine. 

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