Saturday, November 3, 2012

Red Cups and Crib Climbers

Friday the kids and I spent the morning running around. Costco was first and they were so good! Is it just me or does Costco rock for like 100 different reasons? I love that both of my kids can sit side by side in the shopping cart and the cart doesn't even start to flex. I love that there are usually samples everywhere. I love that I can buy a ginormous hotdog and a diet coke for $1.50! On a side note...did you know that my spell check says ginormous is a word but, hotdog isn't? Apparently it's spelled hot dog...with a space between the hot and the dog.

Anyway, we headed to Starbucks afterwards and instead of going through the drive-thru, we went inside and sat at a table. Judah and Paisley split a hot chocolate and a doughnut and we had the best coffee date together. At one point, Judah looked at me and told me that as soon as we got home, he was going to make me a "Thank you card" for our coffee date.
{The red cups get me so excited. I know it's just a cup but, I just love them!}

Sure enough, as soon as we got home, he got busy and colored me a beautiful thank you note. His heart is so sweet and when he does those things all on his own, I see that all of the hard, chaotic moments are so insignificant compared to times when his character shows through.

Today has been filled with laundry, family time, coffee with a sweet friend and a delicious dinner that my hunny cooked. It was so healthy and too scrumptious to not share on here so, I'll be posting the recipe within the next few days.
{Thai Lettuce Wraps...I wish he cooked for me every night.}

This afternoon when Paisley was supposed to be napping, I heard her say "I did it! I did it!" and then a few moments later, her bedroom door opened and she came walking out. Oh. My. Word. She climbed out of her crib. Judah was gigantic compared to her and he never tried to do that.
I'm not ready for this.



  1. So, I'm gonna say spell check is wrong about ginormous, and right about hot dog :) I can't wait to try those lettuce wraps, they look so tasty! And you're totally right about the red cups, drinks just taste better in them!

  2. I'm always amazed at what doesn't register in spell check either! Like, texting! Isn't that a word yet?! Those lettuce wraps look so yummy!!!!

  3. Love this! I miss the days of loving Costco and Starbucks dates with my kids. I hate Costco here--it is one of the most miserable places in Korea, so I never take my kids! (But it's totally worth it to pick up the American food!) Starbucks is do-able, though. I might just have to check out those red cups today! :)


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