Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful Thinking

The day started with a little boy gently shaking my bed, quietly letting his Momma know that he's awake, that he stayed in bed past his 7am wake up time and that indeed, it was time for me to start my day as well. Normally I'm up before them, with a cup of coffee under my belt (not literally). It helps me feel like I'm one step ahead of the day and without fail, it helps life go more smoothly.

Last night however, I stayed up far too late, sewing an Advent Calendar....that is still waiting to be finished. As the beginning of our day started much too quickly for my taste, I found myself complaining more than I should. I'm not sure what turned things around but, as the day progressed my foggy brain and negative attitude drifted away.
Cinnamon pine cones and candles...little tastes of Christmas that are beginning to fill our home.

As I've prepared for our contribution to the two Thanksgiving celebrations that we'll be joining tomorrow, the awareness of how incredibly blessed we are has been welling up inside of me. No, life isn't always perfect and yes, there are many things in this broken world that make our hearts ache. There are things we don't understand, things we wish were different and things that we want to change. But, blessings? Oh yes....we have so many to count.

As I baked my pie this afternoon and stirred the fudge, I tried to mentally compile a list of the things I'm most grateful for. At the top of my list, I'm thankful for God's grace. So many times I could have gone the wrong direction and my life would be so different. Repeatedly, He has pulled me back on track and saved me! How grateful I am for that! I'm thankful that I'm able to blog openly about my faith. I'm thankful for our wonderful church, that we prayed for, for a long time.
A little piece of Christmas that we brought home with us from Leavenworth.

I'm thankful for my husband, for his job and for how hard he works for our family. I'm thankful that I'm able to stay home with our kids and spend these sweet days with them, while they're young.

I'm so thankful for my Judah and my Paisley. Without fail, every single day they make me laugh and smile. I love them so much it makes me heart hurt!

I'm thankful for my sister, my Mom, my Dad and everyone else in our family. I'm thankful for my nephews and for the amazing friendships that they have with my kids.

My list could go on and on and for that, I am grateful. So, what I want to know is....What are YOU thankful for? Please, share!
Happy Thanksgiving, sweet readers. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Slow down, be thankful and share it.


  1. My husband is getting the turkey ready as I type this--I'm so thankful for a husband who loves to cook! Because I don't like it at all! :)

    Can't wait to see your advent calendar! You're going to post it, right?!

  2. So thankful for the coziness of being home with my family.

  3. I'm from Canada, so my Thanksgiving is about 1 month past or 11 months in the future - however you want to look at it. But i am so thankful for the amazing people who surround me and that their strength (and God's) has gotten me to where I am today. I'm thankful for my amazing boyfriend who supports me and makes my life so full of joy! Lastly, I'm thankful for the snow outside as it ensures our grass for my families cattle in the summer, and is proof that Christmas is indeed coming!!


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