Friday, December 21, 2012

5 Last Minute Holiday Parties to Throw for your Girlfriends

Being a woman, especially a Mom during the Holiday's is super fun, but let's just admit it- we all know that our lists are longer than those non-women folks. You gals know what I mean, don't you? We get to experience lots of joy during this time of year but, we also have tons to do. 

With the busyness of this season, it's important to not get into a rhythm of only working through our lists, without any fun. This is where parties with our girlfriends come in. Simple, last minute and spontaneous parties are sometimes the best and the most needed. 

I've compiled a list of 5 easy and fun last minute parties to throw for your girlfriends. I can't think of any gal that isn't going to be thrilled to get away, relax and just spend time with her friends for a few hours. So, don't be intimidated that the Holiday Season is quickly slipping by, plan a gals night and have fun!

Party #1- The Jammies and Hot Chocolate Party: Send out a short email, text or facebook message and invite some of your favorite ladies over for a laid back evening of delicious hot chocolate, complete with an assortment of decorated marshmallows. Invite the gals to come over in their jammies and even bring a favorite magazine to read or last minute Christmas cards that need to be addressed. 
Party #2- The Cookie Exchange Party: This party is always super fun. In a nutshell, everyone brings a predetermined quantity of one of their favorite cookies and then at the party, the cookies are divided up equally. Everyone goes home with a fun assortment of cookies. For the party, serve delicious drinks, simple snacks and you'll be totally set!
Party #3- The Caroling Party: Recently I went to my first Christmas Caroling party. It was a total blast! Not all of your girlfriends might love the idea of singing to strangers but, if you do have girlfriends that are open to the idea, pull them out of their comfort zone and invite them to go caroling! It's an easy way to make someone's night and have a great time with friends.
Party #4- The Craft Night Party: This party is a personal favorite of mine. Everyone has something they need to do, whether it's finish wrapping presents, work on a project or just have an excuse to have a ladies night out. For this party, you can plan the food and drinks to be as fancy or as simple as you wish. Sometimes serving a dinner is fun, while other times it's more convenient to plan  for after the kids are in bed and to just serve delicious drinks and treats.
Party #5-The Holiday Chickflick Movie Night: This party is super fun and laid back. Invite your friends to come over in their jammies, make warm drinks, serve popcorn and other treats. Every girl I know loves a good Holiday Chickflick and none of us watch enough of them! Getting together for a fun movie night is a great way to celebrate the season together!

So, how do you love to spend time celebrating the Holiday's with your favorite girls?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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