Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Little of This and That

Yesterday morning, I surprised the kids with a little "Polar Express" party with their favorite friends....who also happen to be their cousins. When I told Judah what we were going to be doing, he started flopping around like a fish on the floor saying "Yes!!! Yes!!!" They were so excited!

The party was simple, with hot chocolate, Peppermint Popcorn Bark and Snowball Cookies. For the kids all being 3 and under, I feel like they did such a great job at sitting still and watching the entire movie! Of course, the popcorn in little bags helped as the perfect bribery.
Recently, I received a sweet email from a gal that saw my Burlap Advent Calendar. Receiving her email totally made me smile and I wanted to share the calendar that she made! Like me, her name is Angela and she has a blog called "Life's Adventures". She emailed me these photos of her calendar and in her email, she shared how her sewing machine (a gift from her Grandmother) ended up not having a bobbin and so, she sewed each individual pocket by hand. What determination!
Here are a few photos of her project. Didn't she do a great job?
A few days ago, there was a post on Facebook by a Mom who's daughter recently had a baby. The Mom asked if anyone would be interested in making soup for her daughter, who's busy with her sweet newborn. Long story short, the daughter (the one with the new baby) happens to be a gal that I was friends with like 8 years ago. So, today we made Taco Soup and the kids and I brought it to her.

I hadn't seen her in a long time but, this was the perfect opportunity to catch up and invite her to MOPS. I really hope she comes and it was so great to see her today! Her baby is just precious and she seems like such a great new Mommy. I'm constantly amazed at how Motherhood can connect women. Even if we haven't seen each other in years, the bond of having little ones can quickly wash all of that away and I love that!

Thanks for hanging out for this totally random post. Now I'm off to cut long pieces of string so, Judah can tie his trucks together, eat a grape fruit, see why Paisley is yelling "Belly Button! Belly Button!" and wish that my arm wasn't sore from my whopping cough vaccination that I got yesterday.

Now tell me something random about YOUR day!


  1. I just love it when we get to surprise our kids with fun things. Enjoy these days when they are home. Once in school the evening window when they are home is packed full with dinner and homework and evening routine and it's so much more challenging to find time. Love your Polar Express Party!

  2. How nice of you to make soup for another mom who could use a hand. :) Please invite me to your next Polar Express Party! I want popcorn and hot chocolate! Have a great weekend. Xo, your newest follower, Margaret.


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