Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Weekend, Via Instagram

At 6:30pm tonight, Judah was asking for us to read him books and tuck him into bed. It wasn't long before I was all snuggled up to him, singing his requests. As we got to the last song- We Wish You A Merry Christmas, both of our eye lids couldn't stay open for one more moment. As his eyes shut, I thanked God that I was able to lay with him while he drifted off.... As he gets older, I realize how those times become farther and farther apart. The fact that he wanted to go to bed so early shows just how fun and packed this weekend was.

Saturday morning, we were at the train station bright and early to see Santa get off the train. It seems like I'm constantly saying it but, really- I do love this little town that we live in. For events like Santa coming in on the train, it seems like almost the entire town shows up. While we waited in line for the big event, one of Santa's elves passed out bells to the first 100 kids. 

We were towards the last of the 100 but, thankfully we got our bells and the kids loved shaking them while we waited! 
Later on Saturday, my Mom came over to stay with the kids for the rest of the day. Kid-free, my hunny and I dressed up and headed to Seattle. We went to Pike Place and walked around. We spent about an hour in a coffee shop, just sitting, talking and planning. We were able to scratch onto paper the rest of our Christmas preparations and also chat about what needs to be done before Baby #3 gets here. Loved it. For me, everything seems so much more clear and less overwhelming once it's out on paper. Things on paper seem doable...unlike when everything is just floating around in my head.

Later in the evening, we had dinner together. The food was so good and the service was exceptional. When I got up to use the bathroom, our server even escorted me there! I was like "Oh! I could get used to this!" What a treat it was! 

After our meal, they brought us a complementary platter with Roquefort cheese, figs and crackers on it. Neither one of us have ever tried that type of cheese before and it was um....interesting. Actually, both of us had to chase it with like 3 figs, 5 grapes and a glass of water but, whatever. It was quite the experience and so much fun to try something new. 
One of my favorite things about the restaurant was the live piano music. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I literally had to stop myself from tearing up a few times. I know- I need to get a grip, right?? Well, some of the songs that he played were my Grandma's favorites and I just couldn't get enough. I could have sat there and listened to him all night. 
Today has been filled with church, celebrating my husband's Birthday, football, food and family. For his Birthday, I made him an Oreo Cake. The recipe is from HERE and it's definitely a keeper! However, I do feel like I need to go on a serious pregnancy-friendly diet.
 I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Christmas is in 16 days, how crazy is that?!

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