Monday, December 3, 2012

Peppermint Popcorn Bark

Hey there! How's your December going so far? For us, we're on Day #3 of our Advent Calendar and so far, we've been having lots of fun. 

One of the things that I've been loving the most is how each day, the kids are surprised with what we do. Today I've been preparing for a surprise Polar Express party with our cousins. My kids have no clue that we're going to be hosting this party so, while they were napping, I got busy making a few special treats.

This Peppermint Popcorn Bark is incredibly fast to make and it's totally addictive. If you have a family Christmas Movie night planned, make this. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Peppermint Popcorn Bark
1 Bag Microwave Popcorn, popped
5 or 6 candy canes, crushed (using a food processor works well)
12 oz  Almond Bark

Place popcorn in a very large bowl. Melt almond bark according to directions on the package. Stir the crushed candy canes into the melted almond bark and then pour over the popcorn. Stir until the popcorn is well coated and then pour onto wax paper and allow to harden. Once the popcorn is hard, break into pieces and enjoy or package up for gifts!



  1. Hey there!! A friend sent me your blog and said that you reminded her of me, with all of my{our} creative quirks. This popcorn looks delicious!! I'll have to try it. Oh, I'm pregnant, too-24, almost 25 weeks along! And...I'm totally jealous of your tree. That is exactly the type I wanted, but I don't think we can get them in the South. At least, I'm not sure...
    Hope you have a great night!

  2. I've never done a "bark" before and every Christmas I think, "I should try one." So... maybe this is the year. Using popcorn sounds like an easy option (and a yummy one)!

  3. Angela, Your peppermint popcorn bark looks so yummy! Thanks so much for linking up to our Strut Your Stuff Saturday and sharing it with all of us! We are so glad that you stopped by! -The Six Sisters


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