Sunday, December 16, 2012


This weekend has been filled with lots of fun and also, lots of tears. I feel like tonight my eyes are red and tired. Randomly throughout the day, the families who've just lost one of their little ones, come to my mind. This verse has been running through my mind and so I thought I'd share it:

John 10:10 (NET)
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.

Fear is something that can easily take over my mind but, when I think of this verse, I remember that if I let the enemy flood me with fear, take away my joy, my hope and my faith....then I'm letting him win. I feel like in a situation like what we've seen lately, the devil would just love to see all of us become fearful and have our hope taken from us. So, we must pray for the families, send notes of love, and support but, we must not let our joy be stolen.

This weekend was filled with friends and Christmas gatherings. Saturday morning I went to a super fun cookie exchange at one of my MOPS friends homes. It was the best time and I wish I would've taken a few pictures! 

Later in the day, we headed to a friend/neighbors home. They planned the best Christmas party! Pajamas were required and we all ate breakfast for dinner. After dinner, the kids performed the Christmas story for the parents and they all did so well.
Later, everyone went caroling. We've never been caroling before but, it was super fun- especially when we sang for an elderly lady who seemed to really enjoy it. She stepped out of her home and with the biggest smile on her face, she sang with us. 
After caroling, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and ate cupcakes. What a great party it was- to intentionally remember that this season is about Jesus!
Sunday has been filled with church, wrapping presents and the Christmas Movie Competition Party that our church puts on. For presents this year, I'm loving brown paper, jute and pine cones. It's funny- every year I tell myself that the following year, I'm really going to take my time when I wrap our presents and I'm going to make them extra special. But then, the next year comes quickly and once again, I go with simple wrapping that still makes me happy. Maybe I'll wait until I don't have small children to enjoy wrapping presents all fancy-dancy?!
Judah spent some time making a Christmas card for his preschool teacher. I feel like it's tempting to give her a perfect gift with a perfect card but, that would totally replace the lesson he learns in being thankful and so....we cut out a paper Christmas tree and then I let him glue paper "ornaments" to it and decorate it for her.   
After his tree was decorated, I had him tell me what to write on the card and then he signed his name. It was a success in my book. 
One of my biggest loves lately have been jalapenos so, this afternoon Jeremiah made homemade jalapeno poppers for me. I had him bake them, without the breading to make them not so unhealthy. They turned out delicious and super spicy, without that breading!
As I wrapped presents today, I did a little big happy dance about these 3 matching shirts for my little ones. I found them on Zulily, a website that I could easily become obsessed with. Everyday, they have tons of deals on the absolute cutest stuff. Check them out and you'll be hooked. Looking at these shirts and knowing that when we have our baby, all three kids can be matchy-matchy, just makes me giddy!

Have a great week, friends. I don't know about you but, I'm not ready for Christmas yet. It'll all come together always does!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! We will all get ready...somehow:)

  2. Everyone there really has the right idea! I think now, more than ever, we really need to get back to the real meaning of Christmas.


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