Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Glucose Screening Date

I'd been putting off doing my glucose test for awhile. Definitely not because I thought I wouldn't pass it, but because they've changed the rules at my midwife's office. It used to be that they'd send you home with the oh-too-sweet drink, when it was convenient for you, you'd drink it up and then you'd come back to the lab and get your blood drawn one hour after finishing the drink.

I'm not sure if the Momma's were cheating or what but, the new rules state that you must come in, drink it, sit in the waiting room for one hour and then they draw your blood. After you drink it, you can't leave. Not even go outside for a walk. And so, I've been putting it off because sitting in the waiting room with my busy little ones just doesn't sound like fun.

At my last couple appointments, I've been reminded that I really need to go get my test done and so, today we dropped Judah off at preschool and Paisley and I went on a date to the Doctor. It sounds bad but, honestly I wasn't looking forward to bringing her with me. I'd prefer to sit alone in the waiting room for an hour and maybe get caught up on some reading. That sounds nice. But instead, I packed a bag with a few books, some crayons, a toy and a few snacks.

Once was an opportunity to find grace in an unexpected place. And when you look for it, you find it. Grace showed up, big time.

She was so good. So precious. The time with her ended up being just what I needed. When we're home, I'm constantly distracted by my never ending list of to-dos. I struggle to get down and play with my most valuable people because for some reason, the things I want to do seem more important. But, at the Doctor's office? It's just me and her.

They tell me that I have 5 minutes to drink "the drink" and I start chugging away. It doesn't taste as bad as they make it sound, although it wouldn't be my first choice. She stands next to me with her tiny hand on my knee and she whispers "Good job, Mama". I smile at her. She smiles back.

They give me a timer that's set for 60 minutes. After the last drop is gone, I push the start button and I set it down, out of her reach. We read books. We laugh. We color. She takes a handful of books and moves to the chair that's the farthest away from me, because she's increasingly independent. We have the waiting room to ourselves for a long time. Then another lady comes and sits down. At this point, she moves her books back to the chair that's closest to me.

She's independent but, she still needs me and I like that. She digs through our bag of goodies and pulls out more paper. This time, she scribbles on it and tells me that she's making a "list". Apparently she's been listening to me. One more reason to watch what I say.

We look at pictures on my phone. She asks me to hold her and I snuggle her close while the baby in my tummy kicks. The minutes tick away on the timer and before I know it, an hour has passed. An hour of undivided time with my youngest, who will soon become a big sister.

She holds my hand as we walk back to get my blood drawn. I tell her that she'll help keep me brave and I mean it. Having my blood drawn scares me but, I can't show her how much it bothers me. Instead, I hold her hand loosely and as the technician draws my blood, my sweet girl starts singing me a song. "Thank you Father, thank you Father..." and she continues to sing. Her voice fills the cold, sterile lab with light and the technicians smile.

These little moments....these are the ones that were meant for remembering.


  1. so beautiful, makes me tear up reading this! good job savoring these last couple months when Paisley is your baby still!

  2. Love, love, love this post. Oh how you are going to love having #3 show up for her to be a big sister to. It's the most amazing gift to be able to hear our kids say our words and feelings back to us. It's like God giving us a mirror to check our actions so that if there is correction that needs to happen, we can correct before too many years go by.

    Totally blessed by this this morning!


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