Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brother and Sister

For Judah's Birthday, art supplies-specifically from the Grandparents, were received by the bag full. My husband and I were actually cracking up while putting the gifts away because it literally looks like I'm opening a preschool. It's not a bad thing though because coloring and painting have become pretty popular around here lately.

Yesterday, the kids sat and painted for almost an hour. Judah painted 4 or 5 pictures and Paisley really enjoyed it also. As they sat and painted, Judah looked at me and said "Mommy, I love painting with my sister. She's my sister and she's my friend."

His sweet comment made me think about the corner we've turned lately. We've turned from the page of my kids not getting along, hardly ever, to the page of  treating each other with love, kindness and as friends. This new page that we're on is such a blessing to me, as their Mom.

No family is perfect and if you saw us in the grocery store, you might see them pulling each other's hair or poking each other in the face. But, at other times, you might see Judah gently holding his sister's hand, proudly leading her through the store. He's started to take great pride in watching out for her. He greets her with a hug after MOPS and he consoles her when she cries.
Today Judah was asking me about who he's going to marry when he grows up. To answer his question simply, I told him that God will pick out the perfect wife for him. He was quiet and then he told me that he'd like to marry Paisley. Of course, he doesn't understand that marrying his sister is totally not an option but, I'm thankful that he not only loves her but, he also likes her.

As a Mom, it's these sweet new phases that give me so much hope during the hard times. Our kids go through different phases, some of them harder than others and while the hard times seem like they'll last forever, they never do.

Now I think we'll go do some more painting.....ha!

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