Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creating and Mothering

{My friend Sarah posted this on Instagram and it was too good to not share. 
From the Etsy shop of EchoesofMercy}

This morning, I laughed with another Momma about how we sometimes leave our kids in their jammies all day. Often, my kids just don't want to change into "daytime" clothes and sometimes, I feel like this is such a small battle, one that's way too small for me to worry about. Don't get me wrong, you won't always find us in our PJ's but, sometimes you just might and trust me, it isn't because they lack plenty of non-jammie clothes. 

The other day, we needed to run around to a few thrift stores and search for some props for a party. As we left the house, the kids wanted to wear rubber boots and footie jammies and so, that's what they tromped around the thrift store in. As they held my hands and we wandered down the aisles, I realized that a few years ago, prior to this new'ish Mommy title that I now possess, I probably would have felt sorry for them...those poor kids in the thrift store, wearing jammies........
Blah. I had no clue. 
Lately, I've been completely blown away with the creativity and uniqueness of women. Each woman, created in such a beautiful and complete way, mother's differently. She shapes lives and her style of who she is flows out of her. She has her unique struggles, her unique gifts, her unique interests and it's something to be celebrated. I'm guilty of thinking that I know everything about someone and then when I've gotten to know them better, I'm like "What?? You do that?? Goodness sakes, that's awesome!"

One of my favorite bloggers shared a Bill Cosby quote recently. This hit me like a brick and it's stuck with me ever since.
I don’t know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everybody.
~Bill Cosby
Last year, there were many times when I considered not blogging anymore. Finding a balance that suited me regarding how much or how little I share about my kid's lives was tough. 
For many different reasons, I've come to a place now where I have complete peace with the fact that I love writing. I've realized that I need to write and that it fits hand in hand with where my life is at right now. I've realized that art comes in all different shapes and forms. Some people's art is widely recognized, while other's is never known. Your art looks different than mine and that's how it was intended to be. And how widely it's recognized? Well, that has nothing to do with it's value. 
We are women- complicated and amazing.  We need to own the unique gifts that we've been given and when we forget what our gifts are, maybe it's because we've been too busy focusing on someone else's gift.
Creativity and Mothering- they go hand in hand. Right now, I'm loving being a mom, growing babies, typing words and taking photos. It suits me and I'm ready to own that. One of the best parts is the peace that I have with doing both. This little blog was started when Judah was 3 months old. Blogging might seem like it's time consuming but, I'm so used to it that it really isn't. For this season, it just works. 
For the next few days, we'll be in celebration mode. This little guy is about to turn 4! Today he got to bring a special snack to preschool to celebrate his special day. He chose donuts and apparently, the kids liked them!


  1. I love that poster. :) It's so true. Oh my goodness. I need that on my wall!

    And I love that you said, "Some people's art is widely recognized, while other's is never known." I think that's such a great thing to remember in general, but especially in Bloggy Land. Our most important audience is Christ at the end of the day, no matter what. And for those of us (me!) who never make it "big" (not saying that's my goal), need to realize that it's ok--we're all so different and that's a good thing.

    I hope that all makes sense. I'm running on little sleep right now. ;o)

  2. You don't know me and honestly I don't know you. I found your blog by clicking the "next blog" button after posting a photo to my own family blog. The Lord led me to your world and this particular post. I've been feeling so down with myself lately because I just can't seem to please everyone. You are so right, I've slowly forgotten what makes me ME because I've been so focused on trying to be like everyone else. Words cannot express my thank you for writing exactly what I needed to remember today.

    Your new reader,

  3. Yes! Motherhood and creativity do go hand in hand! Love how you wrote about it her! Love that poster too :)


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