Sunday, January 13, 2013

Enjoying/// Us Lately, in Photos

The second week in the new year....a week filled with many, many photos, sweet moments with the kids, late-night deep conversations with friends, preparations and enjoying

It was a week where I remembered that taking random pictures of my kids playing, when they don't know I'm watching is so important. These pictures are the ones that I'll be so glad to have someday, probably more so than the posed ones, where the lighting is better. This is real life. 
"Firefighter tea parties", one of the many ways that they play. 
It was a week filled with lots of jammies, snuggles on the couch with favorite babies and favorite blankies. Not because anyone was sick but, just because.
It was a week of sunshine and cold blue skies. 
A week where flowers bloomed, like little surprises that don't seem to belong.
A week where the anticipation of our new baby grew, especially inside of our oldest. Judah took this baby doll, named him "Cooper" and has taken to wrapping him up and treating him like a real baby. 
 When I found them in the bathroom, Judah said "Cooper is potty training!". No joke.
A week where more pictures of the new baby were drawn and posted on the fridge. 
A week filled with cold mornings and little ones that want nothing more than to play outside in the frost. Double layers of pants, many shirts, hats, jackets and gloves....that's how they play.

This week, Birthday party prep went into full swing. I've been sewing banners, painting vintage signs and then pinching myself when I realize that my baby is about to turn four.
After his Birthday is over, I'll tuck him in and then later I'll go kiss his head before I fall asleep. At that point, my eyes will most likely fill with tears. I'll sit outside his door, pray for him and cry. Why? Because that's what I do on his Birthday. I don't plan it but, it always happens. I love watching him get older but, is it bittersweet? Why yes, it sure is.
It was a  week where we headed to church in our Seahawk gear, cheered for our favorite team and then got a little  lot bummed out when they lost. Oh, the game was SO close. They should have won but, shoulda, coulda, woulda. It's over now and they had a good season. Next year, Seahawks!

I hope you've truly enjoyed your week. 

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  1. That birthday banner looks fantastic! I'm about to start planning a birthday party for my little one as well. :) I love the sun flare on the last photo; it's gorgeous!

  2. Great photos! That's awesome that you were able to capture so much of your week. Your kids are adorable!

  3. This is a great idea...I need to follow your example! Kids grow up so fast, that these little moments are so very special! Take care :O)


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