Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, Terrible Two's and a Field Trip

Just a couple of weeks ago, we rooted for the Seahawks while they played the game that should've taken them to the Superbowl. We cheered. We had our hopes up. In the first couple of quarters, we thought we'd lose. Later in the game, we thought we'd win. During the last few seconds, we lost. Boo. 

Thankfully, I made these cookies for the game and my husband swears they're the best he's ever had. Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies seem to make everything just a little better. Have a bad day? Make these. Need to say you're sorry? Make these. Coming to visit me? Make these. 
Relax....I'm kidding. 

The calories, sugar and fat in these babies should make them illegal but, if you are planning on eating something totally delicious and unhealthy, these are so worth it. 
Today I shared the recipe for these cookies over on 5 Minutes for Mom. Go check it out and while you're there, link up one of your favorite recipes!

Besides making giant cookies and watching football, we've been at the Fire Station quite a bit lately! First we had Judah's party there and then today I got to go on his FIRST EVER field trip with him. It was really fun to see him with his class and see him in that different element. There's something about watching your child listen to their teacher and hangout with their friends that makes your Mommy heart smile. It's new for me to see him like that so, I even get a tiny thrill from seeing him stand in line well and take turns. 
Paisley came with us to the fire station and she did alright, besides kicking off her shoes 1000 times. That girl and's a whole other post in and of itself. She's been helping me remember to pray extra lately. Two with Judah was easy peasy but, three with him was hard. Two with Paisley is NOT easy. She's beyond precious, sweet and loving but, she's also as sassy as sassy can be. She randomly says things like "Mommy, don't touch my chair.....Mommy, no more talking to me.....Mommy, you get up. I sit there." Like, I'm going to haul my big pregnant self up off the couch, because she told me too. Um, no.

One day, I came into her room and she asked me to leave! I'm like...excuse me, what??? She comes up with this stuff all on her own and in her tiny cute voice, her demands are maybe a tinsie-tiny bit cute (especially to the folks that aren't her Mom). Her attitude, however, is not cute and neither are the fits. Naptime fits and bedtime fits, another new phase that we've entered. Thankfully, I know all of this is truly just a phase and when she does say something sweet, I melt. I love that girl, even though she might be giving me gray hair.


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