Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Week and Weekend Links

This week hasn't been my favorite. My lists and my mind have been telling me to do-do-do and my body has been telling me to stop, to slow, to enjoy, to simplify. I've said yes to the things that have felt right and a few times, I've had to say no to the things that didn't seem to fit. Saying no isn't fun, especially for those of us who don't want to feel left out. But, the "no" wins and then peace follows. Peace that sometimes looks like sitting on the couch in my sweats with my kids, looking through photo albums. They point out "Baby Judah! Baby Paisley!" and I notice our reflection. I'm smiling, they're smiling. I'm present and that's where I want to be. It's simple, but that's been the flavor of this week. 

The mornings have been dark this week. I open the shades and the daylight seems nearly nonexistent. I've been on a candle kick lately. They seem to shift the atmosphere in our house and when it's dark outside, they help motivate me. 
When I suggest heading to the library, the kids get ecstatic and that makes me smile. I realize that when baby #3 comes, the library trips won't be as easy as they are now but, we'll adjust. Library trips have to happen.
Post-library, a blanket is spread out on the floor and the kids look through their books. Everyone wins.
One major event that I haven't written about is how my Mom is getting married. It's good. She's happy and so, I'm happy. Paisley will be the flower girl and her dress came this week. When she laid eyes on it, she immediately wanted it on. 
 Her face tells the whole story. She's totally tickled.

 Baking with my girl equals huge messes. Turns out, flour sweeps up super easily. We stir, we sprinkle, we splash, we sweep and then we move on. No biggie.
 To bring a little Valentine's Day into our house, I had the kids paint lots of papers with red and pink. After the papers were dry, I cut their paintings into hearts and then hot glued the hearts onto twine.

And some of the best stuff that I've read this week.......
This should be my new motto:

One of my favorite blog posts, possibly ever, from Ann @ A Holy Experience
Go read the entire post, it's worth it. 
Quilts that are so cute I could cry, from Honey Bear Lane. If I sewed well, I'd make one of these. 
Unfortunately, I do not. 



  1. we also love the candle light in this long nights :) sweet pics!

  2. It has been a bit dreary here too, which is unusual for us. But I keep remembering that spring is a commin' soon!
    Love your girly in her pretty dress! She'll make a beautiful flower girl!
    New follower here.
    nancy-of the crazy 9


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