Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breech at 35 Weeks

Time has been cruising along and the preparations for this new little one are coming together so well. Her tiny clothes are washed, folded and waiting in her dresser. My energy has picked back up and I've been cleaning today like crazy. I've also reached that part of pregnancy where you stand at your closet and just stare, when you're supposed to be getting dressed. You flip through, hanger by hanger and end up wearing a "shirt", that was actually intended to be a dress. Getting dressed is becoming slightly depressing, and the pile of stuff that doesn't fit is just growing. The other day, I Facebooked that I wished it was flip flop season. Within minutes, a few of my MOPS gals encouraged me to just go for it....wear the flip flops! Who cares if it's February and it's 40 degrees outside. Be comfortable. Stop bending over and turning blue. So, I hoisted my leg up on the bathroom counter, clipped my toe nails, slipped on my flip flops and merrily went on my way. That was a good afternoon.

There's a certain skill that's required to clip your toe nails at this point. The belly goes between your legs. You take a deep breath, lift your leg up there and then pat yourself on the back, for actually clipping those nails. 

While I wait and prepare for her, there's become a little big bump in the road. Little Miss is breech. Long before this time, my other babies had flipped and were in optimal position for a natural birth. This baby is doing things a bit different- she's growing my faith. I've been hesitant to write much about it because birth is one of those topics that just gets Moms fired up and like most women, I have pretty strong opinions about it. My entire life, I've been a strong believer in natural birth. Long before I was even married or close to becoming a Mom, I wanted to birth my babies naturally. There are literally about 50 reasons why I believe in natural birth but, I'm not going down that road today. Our country's c-section rate is ridiculously high and it bothers me horribly that so many c-sections are done, when they aren't necessary. 

With that being said, I just have to throw it out there and say that I DO agree that sometimes a c-section is necessary. I have lots of friends who've had c-sections and I think NOTHING less of them. Sometimes, it just has to be done. Sometimes it even saves a baby's life. Having a healthy baby is what's most important. Right? Right. 

For me, I want to avoid having a c-section as much as possible. I'll exhaust all options, before I go that route. My first two birth experiences were far too wonderful to give this up easily. Little baby has to flip. Even as I near 36 weeks, I'm believing that she has time. 

As I've talked this over with my midwife and learned more about breech babies, I've discovered some really interesting stuff. For breech babies, there are options! First of all, there's this amazing website called Spinning Babies, that gives you tons of exercise ideas that encourage your baby to flip. 

Secondly, there's a certain technique that specifically trained Chiropractor's can do, called The Webster Technique. I'm starting the Chiropractor treatments on Friday and I'm super excited. Having her stuck in this breech position has been stressing me out and even making me loose sleep but, I feel like I've come to a place of determination and hope. 

And so, besides doing normal life, I've been doing lots of inversions off the couch, laying on an inverted ironing board and lots of praying. This afternoon I called a place with a pool, to see about coming in and doing handstands in the water. The gal on the phone laughed at me. I'm sure she'll laugh even harder when she sees this big prego in the water, standing on her head.
Now that will deserve a picture.



  1. I love this post! You have so many women rooting for you and praying your baby girl flips. Can't wait to hear about the chiropractor and handstands in the pool!

  2. Hi

    this is Mom (Im at Sally's)
    I just read this and wanted to say I am praying for you ... and thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure! Love You!!!

  3. Prayers for that little one to tumble into place Angela!

  4. LOL!! Great outlook! There IS still time. My daughter flipped just before week 37 and was born at 38 weeks! Hope that happens for you too!

    1. I love your success story! Thanks for sharing it with me!


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