Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fresh Air

Today called for a change. Multiple days at home, taking care of sick little ones can wear any Mommy down. After yesterday, I was pretty sure I couldn't handle another episode of Barney, Caillou, Curious George or Dora. Today needed to be different.....better.
Right after breakfast, we gathered our jackets, hats, a few trucks, a couple of snacks and we headed to the beach.
We threw rocks, found treasures to take home for Daddy, drew in the sand and climbed on drift wood.

Mommy confession: In the picture below, both the kids are in timeout. I told them we weren't going to be playing in the's like 45 degrees outside, I have to draw the line somewhere, right?  
The thing that freaks me out just a touch is how I've become so used to taking these two out, by myself and how it totally seems manageable. We have our routine, and even with Paisley potty training, being out with these guys is dare I say....easy? 

But, things are about to change. 

I think forward a month or two and the thought of having three seems doable but, it's going to be different for sure. I'm looking forward to seeing what that new routine feels like. For awhile, we'll probably slow down, simplify and just enjoy. For now, I'm enjoying spontaneous beach trips, fresh air and lots of baby kicks.



  1. cutest kids in timeout I've ever seen :)

  2. Lol. They look very happy for being in time out! And I totally get the cabin fever... I've had that lately too with my youngest having chicken pox. I NEED TO GET OUT!!!!

  3. Fun...I wish we lived by somewhere fun like a beach. We know how you feel being stuck has been the high of 15 degrees lately. ICK! Love the time-out picture, I never would have guessed.

  4. You will do amazing with 3. I used to take my first 3 to the park nearly every day...You will be pleasantly surprised. Enjoyed your post. :0)


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