Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kitchen Progress!

Monday morning I woke up nice and early with high hopes for our big demolition day. After we had breakfast, we cleaned up the house and got ready to head to my sister's. Why do I feel the need to clean up the house for contractors? Oh, I don't know....I just do, even if it totally doesn't make sense. 
We hadn't been gone more than an hour when my phone rang. Unexpected electrical cords. 
Major bummer. 
No one had thought that the electricity would run through the little arch way over the kitchen. Construction Man left, and told me that he'd be back tomorrow with Electrical Man. 
 A little hole in the wall....not what I was expecting for the big "demolition" day.
Tuesday morning, Construction Man came back with Electrical Man. Both are super nice and so easy to work with. Electrical Man gave me good news......the solution was going to be more simple and less expensive than what I had anticipated.
Wednesday (today), the real demolition was able to happen since the electrical issue was all resolved. Tonight while I cooked dinner, I kept on pinching myself. It's SO open. We still have tons of work to do, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how open it is. The kids were in the living room and we kept on teasing each other "Can you see me now? Can you see me?" What an improvement already!
With all of this chaos going down in our house, we've been on the go all week. Tools, saws and all sorts of not-so-kid-friendly stuff have been all over the house so, my main job has been to simply keep the kids occupied and out of the way. Thankfully, it was super nice yesterday. We played outside all morning and then hit the store for some fun picnic snacks and ate lunch at the park.

Today we met some of our favorite friends for a hike and a picnic. All of the fresh air that we've been getting this week has been so good for all of us. Right now, I feel like I have more energy than I did a few weeks ago and that seems kind of ironic since my due date keeps on creeping closer.
The kitchen still needs the new cabinets in the island, the eating bar built on and the new counter tops. So, there's lots to do but, so I'm so thankful for the progress I've seen already.

Oh, and that thin layer of drywall dust that's covering every surface in my home? It's so worth it.


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  1. Oh this is SO exciting! I am SO happy for you. Fun! Fun! Fun!


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