Saturday, February 2, 2013

Me, At This Moment

Right now, my feet rest in the sunshine, next to a sleeping dog. It's the first sunny day that we've had in so long. When you're used to gray skies day after day, the little things like the feel of sunshine on your toes, seem so huge. The windows have been cracked open, the kids have been pushed on the swings and the thoughts of gardening have started to twirl around in my head. It's February and I'm liking that a lot.
This month will be full of preparations for our baby, a few spring time projects and also rest. My energy isn't what it was a few months ago but, as baby time nears, I'll most likely get into crazy nesting mode and I'll be like a giant, pregnant energizer bunny.

It's hard to believe that I still have 8 or so weeks until my due date. I'm already ginormous and it's funny to me that I'm only going to get larger. Thoughts of labor have been running through my mind, especially before I go to bed. I lay in the dark, practicing my breathing, stretching and my mind is full of happy baby and labor thoughts. It seems so close and so real. I want to smell her sweet little baby head, snuggle her close and enjoy every moment of her being so tiny and new. Suddenly, I'm more excited than ever. I'm so crazy about this little one already.
Couch potato time with my huge tummy and my big kids.

Over the last day or so, the adventure of potty training Paisley has gone into full swing. I didn't really see it coming and it just sort of happened. We ran out of diapers in her room and the big box of diapers was in the garage. It's heavy and so, I wanted to wait and have Jeremiah bring it inside when he came home. I decided to stick her in undies and take her to the potty chair often. Since then, she's only had one accident! Sister is totally ROCKING it!!! I'm taking her about every 30 minutes and sometimes she also tells me she needs to go. For naps and bedtimes, she's still in a diaper but, other than that, diapers are in the past. I'm not holding my breath but so far, so good. She's shown interest for awhile, I think it was more about me getting on board and  making the time commitment a priority. Yeah, Paisley!

Everyone around us has been sick with either a cold or the flu lately so, I've been making the kids smoothies, packed with vitamins like a crazy lady. Here, Judah's drinking raspberries (that we picked during the summer and froze), bananas, 100% grape juice and added Vitamin D drops, for extra immunity. I'm hoping the sickies skip our house. It's been awful to hear of so many friends being sick!
On Sunday mornings, we've been going through "The Art of Marriage" series at church. It's been SO great...I can't say enough good things about this book. I was telling my Mom about it the other night and I said that I wish it was a lifetime series, not just 7 weeks. I feel like I have a new appreciation and respect for my husband and also, I'm more aware of areas where I need to change. It's just so good.
Anyway----tonight is date night and I'm excited.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I just love your belly and kids pic! Judah's hand, Paisley's legs, your tummy with baby #3, its beautiful!


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