Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Kitchen That's About To Get Hacked

It all started the first time we set foot in this kitchen. Our Realtor stood there with us, while we looked around the tiny space and questioned if we'd ever be able to make it work. Cupboard space? Nearly non-existent. Counters? Ha! Barely. Awesome view? Um, no. Instead of walking out, we decided to go with it, to make it work and honestly, I'm glad we did. We've been blessed with the best neighbors, a quiet street and a feeling of safety that I don't take lightly. And my husband, well that man has transformed from not-so-handy, to a man that has some serious skills. I don't know what it is, but a hard working man, who still spends time with his family, is extremely attractive. Ladies, wouldn't you agree? The smell of chainsaw...they should bottle it, don't you think?


After we closed on this house and I began to unpack, I literally cried from the lack of cupboard space. The tears rolling down my cheeks sent Jeremiah straight to Home Depot and he installed a few more cabinets for us. It's been almost 2 years now and while the kitchen has served it's purpose, it's still tiny and it has this ridiculous wall that blocks it off from the dining room and the living room. While I cook dinner, major chaos goes down because Mama can't see anything besides the stove and the refrigerator   Don't even get me started about hosting parties and holiday's. We love entertaining but, it's funny how everyone ends up in the kitchen, isn't it? My Dad describes our kitchen as the "One Butt Kitchen" and when you're pulling a turkey out of the oven, while your Mom's working on mashed potatoes, Dad's fixing gravy and three little boys are driving trucks under your feet, it's a recipe for disaster. Otherwise known as--- Turkey on the floor, gravy on little boy's heads and me freaking out.

And so......

Our kitchen is getting hacked. That big wall that doesn't belong will be removed and an island, with an eating bar will be installed in it's place. Sorry kids, Mama's view is about to change. No more shenanigans while I'm cooking dinner.
Bye, bye wall!
The last few days have been spent mostly picking out new counter tops, emptying cupboards, turning our coat closet into a pantry and preparing for the contractor to come in and do the demolition. It's been chaotic, tons of work and also, super exciting.

So, as I head full speed into major nesting mode, I'm washing tiny baby clothes, and also getting ready to have our kitchen totally hacked into. Life sure isn't dull, is it? I sat at the table tonight after dinner, just watching my family buzzing around me. Judah was wearing his Superman shirt, with his blanket thrown over this shoulders, "flying" around the house. I warned him that he needs to be careful and he crashed to the floor, exclaiming that "Superman never gets hurt!". Paisley was throwing her blanket over tiny little Rosie (the dog), trying to ride her. Jeremiah was doing some sort of drilling in the coat closet. It's definitely not boring around here.

Tomorrow morning, the demolition will begin. I'm ready.


  1. so exciting! can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Oh Angela you have always entertained so well in that space.
    You are an example of "bloom where you are planted" Im so happy for you!

  3. I'm so excited for you. My parents took a non-load bearing wall out between their kitchen and living room and it transformed it completely! Made it feel so much bigger! It'll be fabulous. So brave of you so close to baby's arrival. But you will be so thankful when it's done! Yeah!

  4. I can't wait to see the end result!! :)

  5. Looks like 'fun'! Can't wait to see the after picture!


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