Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dreaming of Baby Birth Announcements

  As we get closer to Baby Time, I'm starting to dream about what her face will look like, what color her hair will be, her tiny nose, her tiny fingers and even her little elbows. What can I say---I'm ready to sniff that sweet baby scent and to show our older kids just how precious and tiny a newborn is. At this point, I feel like I might not put her down for at least the first month. I'm just so in love already.

  While washing newborn sized onesies and putting the infant car seat in the car, I've also been thinking about Baby Birth Announcements. With our other kids, we never sent out Birth Announcements, but I wish we had. I think they are so nice, especially for family members that we don't see often who aren't on Facebook. In the past, I've received Birth Announcements even from local friends that I frequently see and I've loved it. Everyone loves getting something special in the mail, especially a photo of a sweet new baby.

  Around Christmas time, I had the best time teaming up with Tiny Prints. Going through their Holiday cards and showing you all some of my favorites was so much fun! Plus, there was a giveaway and one of my favorite bloggy friends, Emily at 52 Mantels won....I loved that! Tiny Prints has always been one of my favorite companies for announcements, cards, thank you notes and even matching labels. I'm so excited to be partnering with them again and showing you all some of my favorite Baby Birth Announcements

   Recently Tiny Prints launched the new Vera Bradley collection. This collection is so perfect and comes complete with matching address labels and Thank you cards.

 The matching labels and Thank you notes get me excited because when you have a newborn, any little thing that makes you feel like you "have it together" totally helps. When you're sleep deprived, you haven't showered in two days and your house is a mess, little things like matching cards and labels make life easier. Little things like this bring joy!

  After we have our baby, I'll be sure to post about which announcement we decided to go with. Also, there will be a Tiny Prints giveaway that I know you'll love. It'll be for more than Baby Birth Announcements so, those of you who aren't expecting can still get excited!

  In the mean time, which of these announcements do you like best? Did you do Birth Announcements with your babies? How soon after the baby is born should they be sent out?


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  1. I totally love the top, paisley themed announcement. Though we didn't do announcements with our babies I always love getting them in the mail!


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