Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Stuff and Waiting

I've been sitting here, eating the best Taco Salad leftovers ever, and happy stuff has been flooding my mind. It was just a few days ago, when I was walking out of MOPS, that my Mentor Mom stopped me and told me that she wanted to bring us dinner the next night. For no reason, just because. The next day, I had an appointment with my midwife. When I came home, I found our fridge stalked with all of the best Taco fixings that a girl could want. Her little act of generosity totally made my day. It was such a simple way to make our evening easier and for heaven's sake, after being gone all afternoon, I most likely would've fed my family something like oatmeal for dinner.
The appointment with my midwife went really well. Baby is super low and in a great position to meet us soon! Yesterday I went in again, and Natalie (the midwife), did what she could to "get things going" soon. Gosh, I don't know who reads this thing so, I'm not going into details. Anyway- after I hopped pulled myself up onto the exam table,  she prayed over the baby and I. Seriously- she just started praying out over us! What an absolute blessing she is. I am beyond thankful for her!
There's a reason I never buy these. Darn Jellybeans....they're way too addicting!

I've had a few people ask me today how I'm doing and the answer just isn't simple. I'm excited, thankful for a full term baby, ready to have her out, emotional, tired, achy, thankful for the sunshine and a little nervous. Last night I couldn't fall asleep for over 3 hours. I never have problems sleeping, but for some reason, last night was terrible. For hours, I laid there tossing and turning. I started wondering if I've been spending enough time playing with J&P lately and how they'll adjust to the new baby. And then I started crying. Crying felt ridiculous so, I cut that out and decided that I'm just a tad emotional and I told myself it's normal. Middle of the night pep talks....sometimes you do, what you've gotta do!
Cherry blossoms I picked (from a strangers yard), while Paisley and I walked last night. Bad I know, but I've been eyeing these for awhile. Don't worry, I only picked this tiny handful. 

Our kitchen remodel is still in the works. Although I'm super excited, the whole construction process mid-nesting is a bit weird for me and that's just putting it lightly. Today Construction Man came and installed the new cabinets. Well from the photo, you can see that he partially installed them. My hubby gets to finish working on those as soon as he gets home from work (thanks, love!). On Monday, Counter Top Man will come and measure for the new counters. All of this is super good but like I said, it's weird timing, especially with the serious nesting that's been going on.
While the counters were installed, we visited over at my sister's. The weather has been so perfect and playing outside with them was super fun. Picnicing is hands down one of our favorite things lately.
It's Good Friday and I'm feeling so thankful for what Jesus did for us! I read a great post this morning by Farmgirl Paints, a new favorite blog of mine. She writes real and from her heart. Take a few moments to read her post here.

I hope your Easter weekend is beautiful and full of special times. Slow down, enjoy your family and take the rush out of celebration. I plan on sneaking in extra snuggles with my big kids and counting my blessings while I wait on this baby.
Happy {Good} Friday, friends!


  1. I love that you have a Christian midwife. I had a Christian midwife on my 3rd pregnancy and when I birthed she prayed over me and gave me such strong encouragement! I loved it! You are so close!!



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