Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just a Peek: Baby Shower and Her Nursery

After we got the kids in bed tonight (which by the way, isn't too easy with daylight savings time), I sat down next to my husband and mentioned how I feel SO much more ready for baby tonight, than I did just two days ago. This weekend was full of baby prep and finally, I think I can say that I feel ready....I guess as ready as you can be for your 3rd baby anyway. Life's about to change, but I'm ready to jump in head first. Bring it on!

 Saturday afternoon, my sister and a few of our sweet MOPS friends threw the most special baby shower for my friend Lara and I. Lara gave birth to a sweet, sweet, sweet baby girl about a month ago and celebrating with her was so much fun! It was a shower filled with some of my favorite MOPS gals, Lara's Mom and Grandma and my Mom came also. What a perfect afternoon it was. 
Diaper cakes made by Sally. I love, love, love these colors!
The food was delicious! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture before everyone dug in. All I can say is that I ate WAY too much sugar during the party. Baby girl was going crazy in my tummy and I'm pretty sure it's from the 3 cups of punch that I drank. 

I feel so incredibly blessed with all of the cute outfits that we received. She's going to be one well dressed little lady! This dress is from my friend Cami and her Mom, Glenda. I think it's the sweetest little thing ever. 
Sally totally rocked the decorations and lucky for me, lots of them are hanging in the nursery now. 

Key Lime and Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes. So good and just another reason why I wish I could skip my weigh in at tomorrow's midwife appointment. 
Oh and Jelly Beans. We can't forget the Jelly Beans. There's a reason I never buy these. Jelly Beans and I get along way too well. 
The Baby Shower was absolutely perfect in every way. I'm so thankful to have such wonderful friends to celebrate with!

After the shower, I went and got a Pedicure. With each pregnancy, I always go get my toes done when I get close to my due date. Reaching my toes is basically out of the question these days, as is shaving my legs. As the guy scrubbed and massaged my feet, I realized that I hadn't shaved my legs in a few days and I was so embarrassed! It was like he was exfoliating my feet, while I exfoliated his hands with my prickly legs. Goodness. Do you always shave your legs before getting your toes done?
After the shower, I worked a little more on her nursery. I really haven't changed the room much, since we only painted it for Paisley less than two years ago. I've just added a few things and although it isn't completely done, I thought I'd share a few photos.

A pillow I sewed for her. It's not perfect, but it's special. This pillow will sit in the rocking chair with us, while I feed her and I love that.

Her pink Chevron bulletin board, with a few special cards on it.



  1. SO sweet Angela! The shower looked fantastic and the nursery is gorgeous!

  2. beautiful decorations and you look so lovely!

  3. So glad that you liked the little dress. Mom and I shopped together and as soon as we saw it, we knew it was the one. Reminded us so much of you! What a fun afternoon!

    I got a pedicure with each of my girls. The only ones I've ever had. So fun.

  4. What a darling nursery. I too always got or gave myself a pedicure when I was about to have a baby. I may not have looked great but gosh darn it my toes were going to. :) OH & the cupcakes look delicious.


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