Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Anti-Rainy Day

It wasn't even 9am when I decided that today was going to be an Anti-Rainy Day kind of day. For days on end, it seems like it's been mostly gray and drizzly. Maybe it's just me but, too many days without the sunshine leave me feeling tired and totally unmotivated. This morning I decided that if the sunshine won't come out on it's own, we will create our own sunshine.

Our Anti-Rainy Day went something like this........
First, you need to get dressed in something that makes you feel good. Fix your hair and put on makeup. Little things like getting out of sweatpants really help kick me into gear. And lipstick- you can wear lipstick even if you haven't had a chance to shower. It helps.

 With our rain boots on, we headed out to find puddles. If it's going to rain, puddle jump!
Then we hit the store in search of only a few specific things: Fruit Loops for making rainbows, yellow flowers for the table and macaroni to make necklaces.

Sometimes you have to purposefully do those things that make you feel like a "good Mom". Know what I mean? For you, it might mean reading with your kids, getting down on the floor and playing, cooking with them or taking a walk with them.

When I bring out creativity in my children, that's one of the ways that I get that "good Mom" feeling and we all deserve to have that feeling. Motherhood comes with so much guilt and so many I-wish-I-could-do-that-over moments. Those feelings of inadequacy need to be counteracted! Do something intentional that you know brightens their day and also brightens yours.

Even if that means you just sort Fruit Loop colors together and talk. Little stuff like that matters.
 Have your kids help you sort the colors. Next draw out the rainbow.
Have the kids glue the Fruit Loops onto the rainbow and the finish it off with a few cotton ball clouds.
Easy, colorful and the kids love the pictures that they made.
And these $3 yellow daisies? Well, they make me smile every time I look at them.
So, how do you and your kids create your own sunshine?


  1. Ooh, I'll be adding anti-rain days to my vocabulary now. We already have a steady stupply of winter warmers in our arsenal that we bring out when the grey and the cold get to us during winter. And I totally get the need to purposefully do something to make you feel like a good mum sometimes.

    Love your boots :)

  2. You're an awesome mommy, Angela! What a fun day!! :)

  3. So glad to see you made your sunshiny!


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