Monday, March 18, 2013

Simplifying, Even with my Beauty Routine

  As my due date approaches, the crazy nester in me has been coming out. Last weekend, my sweet hubby was shampooing carpets for me and a few days ago, I spent some time organizing under the sink in our bathroom. It was crazy how much stuff I was able to throw away....crazy good! Throwing old stuff away is like loosing weight, it makes you feel lighter. It makes you smile. It makes me do a little happy dance. Please tell me you can relate!

  While preparing to be a busy Mamma of 3 little ones, the word simplify seems to be my new mantra. In all areas of our life, I'm feeling the need to be intentional and for what we choose to do, to be what counts. Simple is beautiful and while I simplify, I'm breathing in and hoping that what remains, is worth while and that it counts.

  Most of you that read my blog are "younger'ish" Moms like myself. You can agree that taking a shower is necessary, but they don't always come easy. Same goes with our beauty routines. Goodness, my routine is nothing like it was before I had kids. I laugh when I think about how I used to be able to spend an hour each day getting ready. And then I get a little worried when I realize that soon, I'll be trying to take care of myself, while juggling a newborn, a two year old and a four year old. It's possible, I know it is, but it needs to be done intentionally. Even busy Moms need to take care of themselves. Right? Right.
  Recently I teamed up with Seventh Generation to try their new line of Natural Personal Care Products. I've worked with Seventh Generation in the past and I absolutely love all of their products. On this blog, I'm always trying to be careful and only share about products that I truly really love. These products fit- I love them.  The Natural Beauty line of Seventh Generation products are made from plant and mineral based materials and not harsh chemicals and additives like other brands, which helps bring out your healthiest and most beautiful skin. With a new baby on the way and little ones that are always hanging on me, using less chemicals feels like a great way to simplify and make choices that count.

  Personally, my favorite thing about these products is the smell. Smells affect me a lot and specifically the Lavender Soothing Facial Cloths smell amazing. I have these two sweet little bags in my bedroom, all ready for taking to the hospital when it's baby time. Because of how relaxing these smells are and how they're safer to have around my new baby, these products are going with me. Confession: I keep on taking the products out of my hospital bag, using them and then putting them back. 
  How have you simplified your beauty routine since becoming a Mom? How would you encourage other Moms to make the most of those moments that they get for taking care of themselves? 
♥ Angela

Seventh Generation wants to get you started on your journey to natural beauty.

Visit 7 Day Journey to natural beauty for tips and information on their new line of USDA approved biobased products ranging from facial wipes to body lotion!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Seventh Generation. The opinions and text are all mine.


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