Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend and a Winner

When I first sat down and wrote this post, there were a lot of words and few photos. After going through my photos, I came back and deleted all of my words. See, the weekend was full. Full of my emotions, my list feeling too long and my energy feeling too short. Lots of tears were shed, when I should have probably just gotten down on my knees instead. It's March and March is supposed to be the month where baby and I are ready to rock 'n roll. March is supposed to be awesome, but so many things are up in the air and for those of us that like to have a plan, having things up in the air isn't a comfy place to be. So, instead of focusing on what ISN'T, let's focus on what IS. 

Saturday the kids and I visited my Chiropractor, who happens to be an amazing Mom of 3. Afterwards, we met up with the sweetest gal who was selling a like-new crib mattress. I found out that we have a few mutual friends and her daughter's name is Paisley! I've never met anyone who's name is Paisley before. She was so nice and now we have a crib mattress for the new baby. Woohoo!
My boy, patrolling the yard with his sword. 

My sweet hubby and his little helpers got the baby's crib all set up. We also moved Paisley into Judah's room which for me, was a really big deal. I know----tons of kids share a room and I think it's actually really good for them, but in their separate rooms, they are SUCH good sleepers. They're super excited to be in the same room and I'm hoping that the transition is really smooth- and filled with lots of sleep. This Mamma likes her sleep and I'm also a huge fan of well rested kids. 
The weekend was also filled with a few beginning signs of spring. It's been incredibly gray and rainy lately but, today the sun came out and while walking around our yard, I could feel the new beginnings in the air. 
Rosemary bread. This is worth noting because it was delicious, it made my house smell amazing and I'll be making it again soon. Stay tuned for the recipe later in the week. I promise you'll love it.
Flower picking with my girl. It's practically magical to sit on the grass with her and search for tiny flowers. Life needs to be filled with more intentional and still moments like these.

When Judah finds flowers, he brings them to me and exclaims "they're the first flowers of spring!" I love his optimistic attitude!
Tonight I spent some time wrapping up some little surprises for my Mom and the kids to open, when we go have the baby.
I know they'll do great while we're gone, but I thought a few little presents would help make the time with Grandma extra special.

I hope your weekend was extra sweet......and before I wrap this up, I DO have a winner to announce. The winner of the Pillsbury Pizza Package is: Daphene. She said her favorite kind of pizza is "I have several favorites - depending on my mood I guess. Right now I would have to say it's Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Yummm!" 
Sounds good to me!

Congratulations, Daphene! I'll shoot you an email!



  1. This is and especially the way you share from your heart!!!
    ...also...excited about our precious little fun!

  2. Cute little presents for your kiddos, we did the same thing. Something special for them, on a special day! That little one is going to be here before you know it!


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