Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend: It was darn near perfect

I sit with my coffee as the sun streams in the windows and a basket of laundry is on my table.  The house is quiet. Naptime is easy these days because bedtime has been a bit of a pain. Those two precious ones....well, they're adjusting to sharing a room, but they enjoy each other's company a little too much to simply lay down and fall asleep. They sing, giggle, bounce around, share stuffed animals and hugs until one of us pops in there and breaks up the fun. The last few nights have required a few more reminders and taking away of favorite stuffed animals. It's not awful, but it's not perfect either. I'd say it's about what I expected it to be like, when we moved her into his room.

The weekend was the best that we've had in awhile. As I write, I feel hesitant to say that it was perfect, but honestly it was darn close. The combination of family time, outside time, yard work and play was perfectly balanced. Saturday my husband encouraged me to come outside with him and the kids. I resisted for some unknown reason and then went out, because I knew it would make him happy. Well, I'm horrible about sitting still so, I weeded two flower beds, while the kids played and he stained the cabinets for our kitchen. Yes, the kitchen remodel is still in progress. It's going well, but there's nothing exciting to report so, that's why I haven't mentioned it lately.

Anyway....weeding in the sunshine was glorious and then I headed to a baby shower, complete with my dirty toes from weeding. After the baby shower, we piled into the car, went for a drive, saw the most perfect fields of daffodils and stopped at our favorite ice cream spot.

I didn't take many photos this weekend, but I feel like when we're so busy living, it's okay to forget the camera once in awhile. Yes, I'd love to have all of the special moments, like Paisley and Judah eating their first ice cream cones of the year documented perfectly, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. And so I write and I'm so grateful for this little online journal of special, ordinary life.
Sunday was filled with church, more time outside and more time with my family. Church was so good, especially the music. I actually think the music was the best it's ever been. I'm so thankful for God bringing us there- He is so good! Going to a new church is always scary, but when you step out, God meets you there and I've really seen that with our experience.
The first marshmallow roast of the season and the kids have skills! As Daddy got the fire ready, Paisley wandered around the yard in search of the perfect stick. Girlfriend loves marshmallows.

I hope your weekend was wonderful as well. What did you do? What was your absolute favorite? I'd love to know!



  1. What a wonderful weekend it was. I got some iris and rose bushes planted and took a nice long walk in the warm sun! Looks like a beautiful week coming our way too. So thankful to live in such a beautiful place.

  2. I don't know where you live but your pics are BEAUTIFUL!! I got some good quality mommy & daughter time with my 2 year old! We went to a farm that has ALL sorts of baby animals that we got to feed and hold. We cuddled with the baby bunnies and gave bottles to the baby goats! Soon she's going to have a baby brother or sister to cuddle and feed too!

    1. Cuddling and feeding the baby animals with your daughter sounds so perfect! My two year old would have LOVED that!!!


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