Saturday, March 16, 2013

When Messy Gets Old

I sit down to write in a chair that's slightly sticky, at a table that's also slightly sticky. I pull myself back up and out of the sticky chair, grab a wipe, quickly wipe away what might be causing the "sticky" and then I sit back down again. It seems like I should be able to write better if I'm not sticking to my chair.

It's only 2pm and I've cleaned up an entire bowl of spilled cereal, multiple yogurt spills, a cup of spilled hot cocoa, cheese smeared across the table and crumbled crackers. 85% of those messes were from my 2 year old. In the big picture, I know these messes are completely insignificant but sometimes, they almost make me cry.

She doesn't do it on purpose, or else there would be consequences. The messes are accidents, not out of rebellion. Since she started moving in my tummy, she's never stopped. She's a go-getter, an artistic personality and she's extreme in every way. She's perfectly created by her maker and she's messy- it's just who she is. She's a free spirit and even though that challenges me daily, I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

At 38 weeks pregnant, every time I get down on the floor to wipe up spilled yogurt, cereal or milk, I feel like I might just get stuck down here. It feels like the baby might just pop out, if I have to bend over one more time, to wipe up one more mess. 

I want to have grace. In my heart, I know what's right. I know they're watching me, these precious little people that I'm privileged to be raising. I want to react to the constant messes, in the same way that I'd wish for them to react, if they were the parent. 

After the last spill- the full hot cocoa cup, Judah looked at me and said "Mommy, maybe you should go pray about this." How does a 4 year old pack so much wisdom? And so, I have been praying and I'm taking the time to write. Sometimes, when we're in the middle of the mess, we can't see anything except for what's in front of us and that's why it's important to find the time to step back and take a moment to see the big picture. We need to refocus our vision and be able to see beyond the current circumstance.

This job called Motherhood is the greatest on earth, I'm convinced. But, that doesn't mean that it's easy. Moms, let's encourage each other to step back, see the big picture and then react in a way that's an example to our little ones, because they're watching. They're learning about life, even by the way we react to spilled cereal and sometimes that feels like too much responsibility for me to carry, but that doesn't make it change.  

Today we went on a family hike, in between my husband's jobs for the day. Being out in the fresh air with my family always hits my "reset" button. Mud puddles? Let's find some big ones. Dirty rubber boots? No biggie. We walked, found sticks, hit branches, puddle jumped and spotted the first signs of spring. It was great.

This "toadstool" is for you, Mom. I didn't spot the fairy.... I'm sure she was just hiding. ;)


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  2. Where did you go for your walk, Angela? I love the signs of spring that you found -- reminders that life keeps changing and we all keep growing. Grace to you and Jeremiah as your family grows once again, and as you continue to parent with grace and love.

  3. Dear got my heart dancing with this one and then when I saw our "hodestool" my heart flipped into a somersault!!
    Thank you for the JOY!!

  4. This is so sweet and made me so teary! I love the reminder to parent them with love and show them grace. And to just get out and help them have some fun! They need some direction from us sometimes :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. oh this might be my favorite. LOVE it. and you might have just convinced me to take a hike and love it.

  6. Angela, this is great. Seriously, so very inspiring. I'm grabbing the camera and heading out for a walk tomorrow with B. Thank you for sharing your heart and linking up!


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