Monday, April 1, 2013

An Overdue Easter

It's funny, this entire pregnancy I've been fairly certain that this baby would come early. With how busy J&P keep me, I was sure that we wouldn't make it to my due date. Apparently, I know very little. Over the last few days, I've reached that point where I feel like the most embarrassingly large human being. I'm over due, and I'm certain that I look like a bomb that's about ready to explode. When we went to church yesterday, visions of my water breaking mid-service kept on flooding my mind. Oh, it would have been embarrassing, but I had it all planned out. I'd feel the "pop" and with water running down my legs, I'd quickly exit the building. My husband would wonder what happened and eventually-hopefully sooner, rather than later, he'd come find me to make sure I was alright. Thankfully, none of that happened.

The weekend was absolutely beautiful and instead of sitting around, waiting for contractions  we kept busy and had a fantastic Easter. Saturday morning I decided that I could either A. Have a great weekend with my family, enjoy celebrating Easter and enjoy the sunshine.....or B. I could just sit around and make myself crazy by waiting to go into labor. The first option won and the weekend was fantastic.
Saturday morning we went to an Easter Egg Hunt that our town puts on. Literally hundreds of people were there and the kids had the best time. I was so impressed how it was broken up by age group and how all of the kids seemed to find tons of eggs. Everyone was happy and everyone was having fun.
New tradition for us? Absolutely.

Easter photos before church........
And for the sake of keepin' it real, this is what most of them looked like. Perfect photos all the time? No way, man! Not at our house!
Tea and flower planting in the sunshine. It was perfect and I was sad when I was done. I could have planted in the sun for hours. 
 A little bit of spring, that makes my heart smile.
On my table: The kids partially eaten Easter baskets, my notebook, a daffodil in a vase and my water bottle.
What I'm listening to: Only the birds outside! The house is still asleep.
What I'm thankful for: A wonderful Easter dinner over at my Mom's with family.
What I'm letting go: My expectations for when I should have this baby. The timing will be perfect.
What I'm holding onto: Every single extra hug and moment that I get with my "big" kids.

What's on your table? What are you listening to? Thankful for? Letting go? Holding onto?



  1. you are such a thankful for you and your family...thanks for the flowers!!! so great to have you all over for celebration!

  2. Darn I was hoping for baby pictures!!! Glad you had a good weekend anyways!

  3. Off topic but your daughter's poncho is gorgeous. Was it a gift or can it be bought somewhere? Sending you peaceful vibes for a smooth productive labor whenever it decides to start.


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