Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Friend

Lisa Jo-Baker's blog is one that I've read for quite a while, probably years. Her writing often hits that spot that either makes me cry or makes me feel like someone just gave me a giant hug and told me that I'm not really screwing it up as bad as I feel like am. She's an encourager and a gifted writer....which happen to be two of my favorite types of people. Every Friday, she does a little thing called "Five Minute Friday". I've never participated in the 5 minutes of writing on a particular topic because it never felt right for me at that time. However, today the topic is FRIEND and that's what I was planning on writing about today. For real. So at this moment, it feels like this topic was handpicked, specifically just for me (although I know it wasn't). With 5 minutes on the clock, here I go. Ready?
 As I drove up, to pick Judah up from preschool, I saw him bouncing down the steps. He looked at me and immediately told me about one of his classmates who apparently has 3 seats in his car (which I guess is really cool if you're 4 years old), "Mommy! I want to ride in his car and go to his house!". It felt like a milestone had just been reached, the milestone of friends from school, that I don't know.

I'm a protective Mom. Probably more than most and maybe even too much. My instincts are to hold my kids close, protect, keep them small and keep them innocent. Friends from school are great and I desperately want my kids to have close friendships, but this territory of wanting to hangout with friends that I've never met is new and a touch scary. I told Judah to buckle into our car and that I'd get in touch with his buddy's Mom and set up a play date.

This promise to set up a play date could have easily become one of those little things that us Moms just say, to keep the kids moving and to avoid really having to "go there". But, I've had lonely times in my life and one thing I'm committed to is helping my kids develop close friendships. It's a little scary, but we're going to go there, and try to do it right. We'll meet at parks, get to know their family and they can get to know ours.  We'll hope that our kids are polite and that conversation flows easily. We'll be real and we'll do this whole "friends from school thing"

The play date was scheduled. We met at the park and the boys had a great time playing. As I pushed them on the swing, I tried to be more of a fly on the wall and less of the hovering type. Listening to their conversation was hilarious and totally precious. They are still so young and they make friendship seem so easy. Us grownups, we're the ones that make things complicated.
Happy Friday to you, friends! Tell me, how do you encourage your children's friendships? How do you deal with the whole "friends that you don't know" thing?


  1. This reminded me so much of when Mercy came home talking about her friend. I was beyond nervous to seek out a relationship with her family, but it was one of the best things I have ever done. Wonderful post, Angela! You echoed our mommy hearts so well!


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