Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Join Me for a Photo Dump?

Confession: The other day I started worrying that I haven't been pulling out the good camera often enough and taking pictures of Eliza, in her sweet newborn perfectness. I mean come on- the last thing I want is for her to ever feel like she was that 3rd child, the one who didn't have a baby book and who had way less baby pictures. But then, I sat down here, cuddling my baby and pulled  lots of pictures off of my phone and I already feel better. She's in lots of them, phew!

These pictures pretty accurately describe what we've been up to lately. Ready for a big ol' photo dump?
Well, ready or not, here we go!

The husband has been spoiling me lately with good cooking. Healthy salads for dinner (that I didn't make), are one of my love languages.

*Thanks, Love.
Lots of sister pictures have been snapped lately. The way Paisley loves her amazes me. It's 100x better than I ever expected. She loves her like I love my little sister. Sniff, sniff. 

*Sisters. Happy sigh. 
Judah has taken to picking out clothes for himself and Paisley lately. He likes it when they match and she couldn't care less if she's dressed in size 5 boys clothes, so it's all good. Here she is, rock'n her big brothers jammies. 

*Think she'll care that he dressed her like a boy when she's older?
And that sweet moment during the afternoon where I get to have a chance to catch my breath, drink some coffee, blog, read or do whatever I want. This moment is so good to me, it makes me a better Mommy. I need this moment. You need this moment. Make it happen, gals. Yesterday I finished "Bloom" and ordered another book. Bloom was good, really good. Agreeing with my friend Jamie, I didn't agree with all of Kelle's theology but besides that, the story was super inspiring.

*Sweet Rosie doesn't get nearly enough attention. She used to be our baby, that is until we had REAL kids.
Morning visits are still in full swing around here. I'd say this is one of our best times of day. Eliza is awake and smiley, Judah and Paisley are still in their prime as well. This is what I spotted today, while attempting to put on a little makeup.

*"See Mommy? I'm looking and not touching this time?" Thanks, sweetie.
Last time, she stuck her finger in Eliza's mouth.
Here in Washington, the weather has been out of the ordinary. It's been incredible. Sunshine just doesn't happen much around these parts, but lately the sun has been shining and it makes everyone kind of giddy. Eliza loves the Moby and I've been wearing her a lot when we go outside. She's happy, the kids are happy, and I'm happy. Everyone wins.

*Hey there, chubby cheeks....love that she's chunking up a little. 
The baby, not me.
*Happy, happy, happy.

 ♥ Angela


  1. Your pictures made me smile this afternoon. Love. This sunshine has been so wonderful for the soul.

  2. Hi!
    love how you shared (and always do)
    your beautiful Paisley will, someday really enjoy pics of her wearing big bro's clothes....so much love! Her absolute love for little sis is a huge blessing...it will always warm your heart just as yours for your sis warms mine...love!! mom

  3. Cute pics! Love the on of big sister looks over her! I feel like this sometimes and I don't want to miss a bit of my last baby's moments, so I am making a phone picture album.

  4. Very Good! Loved the pictues and the notes... Enjoy your family! :O)

  5. i love the shot of your daughter peeking into the baby's bassinet :) so precious!


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