Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life Lately: 1 Week

It's been a week since sweet little Eliza joined our family. The week has flown by, with lots of pinch-me-life-is-so-good moments and also the moments where I cried, simply because I wanted to sleep so stink'n bad. My hands seem to be full often, with either a sleeping baby, a baby that's feeding, a big brother need or a big sister that wants to read a book. Right now, all 3 kids are sleeping and so I'm going to attempt to write, unedited for 10 minutes or so. Forgive me for grammar errors or for sentences that could have been formed better. I'm writing to briefly document the last week, the ups and downs and to make notes of life as a new family of 5.

The last week has reminded me once again, how good people are. Our MOPS group has been providing meals for us and friends that I barely have ever spoken to have been bringing us delicious dinners. The gals that I've barely even spoken to, that bring us dinner amaze me. Well, all of the ladies do. A little thing like providing us with meals, totally makes the day SO much easier. The Mom who just came and dropped off dinner, is a gal who I've hardly had a chance to say "hi" to at MOPS, but I call her a friend because bringing a meal to a family with a new baby is something that a friend does. These people are blessings. 

As folks have come to meet the new baby, drop off coffee and bring meals, I've been humbled. Sometimes the kids haven't flushed the toilet, other times I have a pile of laundry on the table. I still look pregnant, even though the baby is out. The whole "realness" of life right now is good. It pushes me outside of my comfort zone, where I want everything to be perfect and it puts me in a place of genuine this-is-my-life, with laundry, yesterday's makeup, yoga pants and all. I long for more authenticity, like what's been going on lately. Right now, I feel like my guard is down and I hope that it stays this way. 

The new baby has even made me want to write more authentically, here on this blog of mine. I want to write about how I just had a new baby and how when I'm up at night, I thank God for how perfect she is and I also tell my husband that I just want to freak'n sleep for a hour or two. I want to shine light on the fact that most women, after having a baby still look pregnant and how that kinda sucks big time, but how I know it's not always going to be that way.

One thing I'm learning from having a 3rd baby is that after you've had a couple babies, you know that things won't always be this way. You know that you'll sleep again and you know that these sweet newborn days pass too quickly. This time around, I feel super aware of how I need to enjoy these sweet beginnings. I know I'll be sleeping well again and I know I won't be nursing all the time for long. 

And speaking of feeding, little Eliza is starting to pack on the chub! At her Doctor appointment yesterday, she had regained her birth weight, plus 4oz. The constant feeding is paying off and I can see her tiny fingers starting to gain a touch of baby fat. It makes a Momma feel good, ya know?

A few days ago, I walked outside with her when the sun was shining. It was a perfect afternoon and her first time being outside with us. I decided right then and there that spring is the perfect time to have a baby. I hadn't walked around the yard for a few days and in those few days, so much life had happened outside. The rhubarb is up, the tulips have bloomed and my peas are begging for something to climb on. Spring might possibly be my favorite time of year and having a new baby, is the icing on the cake of beautiful newness. 

As I've been sitting on the couch and feeding, I've been watching lots of Joyce Meyer. It's been good, lots of church has been going on in the living room. Yesterday she was talking about how victory doesn't come from the things that we do once, it comes from the things that we do over and over and over again. That my friends is faithfulness.....being consistent with the small things and then those small things that we do diligently, bring us victory in the large things. Small victories must happen first at home, before big ones can happen outside of our home. Hearing that made my "job" here at home feel a little more important and not so mundane. Because let's be honest, the daily "normal", can start to feel pretty mundane and yet, it's what's most important.
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Wrapping this up, I'd say that the first week with Eliza has been truly a gift. She's precious and we're all in love. Right now, there's no routine and as a gal who thrives with routine, I feel slightly off. I know we'll fall into a rhythm and until then, I'm not stressing. These beginning days are meant to be enjoyed and that's just what we've been doing. Less sleep, sometimes no shower, lots of baby snuggles, big brother and big sister time and quiet days at home as a family. It's been a good week.



  1. Thanks for providing this! There is much truth here and it is a blessing to be reminded of this fleeting and very precious time in family full of love and vulnerability...
    Love, Mom

  2. I remember those early days with Gracie (#3). You are right about your guard being down and people stopping by and the house not looking like you want it to and you just have to be where you are. Some of that did stick. Now that a couple are in school I am trying recapture that order I once had :)

    She is utterly beautiful!

  3. Beautiful!!! That was the best post I've seen you write!!! Loved it!


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