Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spinning Plates and 2 Weeks

After Eliza was born, we had a full week of family time. It was just what we needed and almost perfect. We stayed home a lot, played outside a ton, did a few things around the house (like finally almost finish the kitchen project, but more on that later!) and just enjoyed our new baby. But, as much as the family time was good, it also feels good to get into a routine with the kids now. To find my way, as a new Mommy of 3. I need to know how to do this thing on my own and I can't really figure that out when I have my sweet hubby here, helping me along the way. By the end of the weekend, I started to feel like I needed to get thrown out of the boat so, I could learn how to swim. I want to know how to do this thing and I can't do that, when I haven't had the chance to learn.

Yesterday was day #1 of learning our way and it was a great beginning. After I posted on Facebook that we were surviving, having fun and staying busy- my friend Kim said that she pictured me spinning lots of plates. Yesterday, the plates stayed in the air, today....well, not so much. Let's just say that while we waited in the Doctor's office at Eliza's 2 week appointment, the plates fell to the ground. Something came over the kids and chaos doesn't even describe what went down in that waiting room. Kleenex's were flying, hand sanitizer was squirting, kids were sliding around on magazines and with Eliza in my arms, I tried to make the shenanigans stop. Without going into tons of detail, I can't even describe how ridiculous it was. We pretty much looked like the worst circus act around. All I can say is that the nice lady that worked in the back came out an offered the kids granola bars to help them sit still and then she proceeded to ask "So, this baby is your last one, right?". 
Yes, today the plates hit the floor.

After we left, I had a good laugh on the phone with my sister, got some coffee, put the kids down for naps and now I'm picking those plates back up. See, we're all adjusting and some days we're rocking it and other days, we're just thankful for unending grace.

To wrap up our family time, we went on a family drive to the best ice cream spot on earth. This place is like a breath a fresh air for me and I swear it's not because of the ice cream. It's the view, folks--- just look at that. I'd be happy sitting there even if I was eating clams....and I don't even like clams.

Eliza's almost 2 weeks now and she's doing fantastic. In just one week she gained a pound! She's a great eater and she's been sleeping really well. During the day, she's fallen into a really nice 2- 2.5 hour routine. She eats well, has a nice quiet awake time and then takes a nap....and then we do it all over again. She's a very happy, laid back baby. At night, she's been sleeping well and I've had to wake her for her feedings, which isn't very fun, but necessary for her growth.
Cutie patootie. 

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