Sunday, April 28, 2013

That Pregnancy Fog....

When I was pregnant with Eliza, I felt like a bit of a fog came over me. Honestly, it felt like I was good for just about nothing, besides growing a baby. Creativity? It was absent. Feeling organized? That was a challenge. Taking care of the kids and doing the "normal" stuff happened, but I remember night after night, crashing onto the couch at 6:30pm. Maybe I held it together better than I feel like I did, but I sure did feel like I couldn't do much, besides grow that sweet little baby. And, don't get me wrong, I loved being pregnant, even though it wore me out. 

I remember talking to my sister about it and telling her how frustrating it was to not have any energy. She promised me that after I had the baby, my energy would come back. She promised me that even when I was waking to feed my newborn at night, my energy would still return. I listened to her, just trying to believe that someday, I'd start to feel like myself again. 

This weekend, I really started to feel that energy come back, as if the fog had been lifted. I looked around our home on Saturday and realized that it's been months since I took the pictures off of the walls, with the intention of hanging some more recent ones. Before I knew it, I was walking from room to room, with a mental list pages long, of things that I'd like to change. 
*Please, someone give me a chill pill. 

Realistically, I can't go and reorganize our entire home and have all of the perfect photo collages on the walls, in a weekend, or even a week. I can however, take baby steps and so, that's what I did. I organized under our bathroom sink, moved a few things around and de-cluttered a bit. It's amazing how even those small little steps can help make us feel better.

When the fog lifts and I feel like I want to tackle 100 projects, I find myself excited to have my energy back and it also challenges me because life is about so much more than tackling stuff. We've got to have balance, people. And balance is hard, isn't it? 

And so, we spent the afternoon at the beach, throwing rocks, climbing on driftwood and finding treasures. The family time outside was effortless and perfectly peaceful. I wore Eliza and she slept through her first trip to the beach. Oh, what a sweet baby she is! I'm so enjoying this newborn phase with her. 

 Paisley's painted toes.....
 My hair is so thick and crazy- how did she end up with such perfect hair?
If you feel like you've been under that fog trust me, the fog will lift. And when it passes, pace yourself.

Wishing you a happy, happy, happy week.

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  1. I love this post! It is such a great feeling when the fog lifts and you have the energy, motivation, desire, and creative ideas to get things done!


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