Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Three, for 3 Weeks

Writing has been pushed to the back burner lately, but the lack of my posting has nothing to do with how much I miss it. I've just been a touch busy lately, as you can imagine. In three weeks, I've felt myself be spread thinner than ever before. I've also felt my heart expand more than I ever knew was possible, before becoming a Mom.

It changes by the moment, the way we either "have it all together" or we don't. Having it all together is pretty unrealistic anyway and I've decided that it's not all that it's cracked up to be. No one really wants to be around someone that always has it all together right? Instead, I've felt myself sink into a place that feels a little raw, pretty vulnerable and very content.

Over the last three weeks, I've learned that yes, I still DO have time to push my big kids on the swings. I've learned that saying "Yes" to them is more important than ever and that before I say "No", I need to stop and think. They deserve my YES and I tend to say No more than I should.
I've also been reminded of how beautiful the simple things are. We've slowed down, spent a lot of time at home and enjoyed playing outside. Watching Judah laugh hysterically with the neighbor boy is all I need right now. Small things like painting Paisley's toes while Eliza naps are important. I'm trying to make a habit of choosing the things that truly matter, over the things that I want to the dishes.

Why is it that "stuff" always seems more important than the things that really count? It goes back to the thing about remembering to say "Yes" to the things that hold real value.
These are the things that count. Messy pigtails, a new Batman shirt that's presently in the washing machine at 11pm. The smell of our sweet baby's head and the way her arms are starting to chunk up. The way the kids ask me to watch them slide down the slide 20 times and the way Judah wants me to put Eliza down so, I can slide down with him.

Saying Yes to painting nails and toes with Paisley and counting to 20, while Judah goes and hides.
Three weeks, with 3 has shown me that while I might feel like I'm spread awfully thin, there's still plenty of room for saying Yes.



  1. Angela,
    I found your blog thru Frugal Girls and although I don't have children of my own I connect with your writing. I wanted to say your grace and just over all gentle presence has guided me in ways I can not express. Thank you for taking the time to share your life with the world.
    Blessings and Love,

    1. Hi Lesley,
      Thank you so much for such a kind note. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate you sharing with me! I'm glad you can relate to what I write, even though you don't have any children. So often I feel like I'm just a little old "Mom blog". Your words have encouraged me. :)


Thank you for your comments. I read every single one of them and they always make me smile.


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