Thursday, May 2, 2013

A "Before 30" List and a Field Trip

Alright you guys, I have just a few precious moments where all of mine are sleeping, the coffee is hot and I can write. Well and....put laundry away, start dinner and do all of that other grown up stuff that's always pulling at us. Blah.

Over my speakers is the music that plays on the "A Holy Experience" blog. Generally blogs with music annoy the dickens out of me, but Ann's music is different. It's calm and it fits these quiet moments of peace, where my thoughts run and things just seem to make sense.

If you look over on my right sidebar and scroll down towards the bottom, you'll notice that section titled "A Few of My Favorites". This list has been growing lately, ladies. The talent that I've been stumbling upon, the encouraging words, the words that make me literally say "Amen!" from my love seat, the words that seem to be exactly for the moment- they're plentiful these days. And so, I've been plumping up my "Favorites" list and feeling grateful for women who choose to share their lives and their hearts.

This morning, the kids and I headed to a Kangaroo Farm with Judah's preschool class. On the way there, I was just driving along with my 3 kids and suddenly I felt like such a grown up. I mean, Judah is in preschool, I have not one, not two, but three kids and I'm on the way to his field trip in my mini-van. did all of this happen? The kids part is definitely awesome, but I'm still not a fan of the mini-van.

I'm not sure if I've ever shared my age on here before and while I'm still young enough to not mind, I'll give you the inside scoop. In a few weeks, I'm turning 29. Yep, the last year before I'm 30. Facing 29 has me all fired up. I want the year before I reach the big 3-0 to be the best ever. A "Before 30" list is in order and I'd LOVE for you to share with me what you wish you'd done before you were 30 and what you think I should put on my list. It can be funny stuff or serious stuff. Either way, I'd love your help.

So, back to the field trip.....................

The Kangaroo Farm was a total hit. We loved, loved, loved it.
Paisley rocked her smocked dress and rubber boots. This is the only smocked dress that she has and after seeing her in it today, I think she needs at least 10 more. It was just too precious. If you see me stuffing her into this thing when she's 5, don't judge.
 We love baby kangaroos so much that we grit our teeth.....
I'm off to deal with that laundry. 
What should I put on my "Before 30" list?


  1. As someone who turned 31 just last week, I can promise you that life doesn't end after 30. Even if you are driving a mini-van. I'm still trying to get to where you already are! :-)
    I'm trying to think of things to add to your 'Before 30' list but honestly nothing is coming to mind. Because anything you could want to do before 30 can still be accomplished after 30 (or 31!)

  2. go skydiving with your sister! SERIOUSLY, I would love to do that with you!

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