Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Horse Visit

This morning the kids and I went and visited the horses that live by my Mom. Jeremiah had to work and call me crazy, but these days it's actually sometimes easier to be on the go with my 3, instead of just playing at home. 
We loaded up a bag of snacks, grabbed the camera, fed Eliza and then headed out. As we drove there, I got a little worried that it might rain, since the sky was covered with gray clouds.
The rain held off until our drive home. It was perfect.
The kids picked flowers to give to my Mom and then she gave them some chocolate piggies that she had in her pocket. Now they're going to be addicted to chocolate piggies. Thanks, Mom. Just kidding. 

When we got to the pasture, the horses were way out there and I wasn't sure if they were going to come in to visit with us. Thankfully, the gal Julia, who works with the horses was there and she called them in for us. I should have taken a picture of her. She was the sweetest girl with beautiful red hair. She helped Judah and Paisley feed grass to the horses and of course, they loved that. 
One of the reasons that we went to see the horses, was to see the two new babies. The babies stayed back a bit, so we didn't really get to visit with them, but that's alright. Maybe they stayed back because two little kids were frantically throwing grass over the fence? They might have been a bit intimidated by the intensity of that grass throwing....

This barn is right next to the horse pasture. With the tall hills behind it (currently covered by clouds), the setting is just gorgeous.
The owner of the barn is Ken. He was such a funny character and a really nice guy.

This time of year, Judah's freckles start popping out by the dozens. I love, love, love them, but I try to keep that love under wraps so, he doesn't think his Mom is crazy. I can't help but take a few pictures though.

Baby Eliza joined us for our horse visit, via the Moby. Can't you just see the excitement on her face? "Horses??? Snore....."


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Look at the GREEN!! I'm so. glad. spring. is. here. PERIOD. Not much of a winter fan.

    And those FRECKLES!! AH! Love it! :) Oh yeah, and cute baby too! ;o)


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