Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Very Happy, Happy Mother's Day

Whether you started your day by making your own coffee or with your favorite breakfast delivered to you in bed, whether you woke up in the wee hours of the morning to feed your baby, who then peed all over your lap (that was me!), or you slept in until noon. Whether you parented solo all day or spent a day filled with family. Whether you were celebrated with the most extravagant of gifts or heartfelt homemade cards.....I hope your day was perfect and that you felt appreciated.

Whether this day makes your heart burst with happiness or makes your heart ache because you long to be called Mom, I hope you felt like you're part of a community. Whether you feel like you're in the pits of Motherhood, or maybe you're still waiting on the gift of a child, I hope you know that this is only a season.

Mother's Day is one of those things that's kind of like parenting. There's a lot of ways to do it really well and no one way that's the "right" way. My family made me feel extra special all day and treated me so well, but did I still change diapers? Yes. Did I still sit and feed the baby? Yes. Did I sweep the kitchen? Why yes, I did. And as I felt celebrated and appreciated, I realized that it's very rare that a Mom could actually take an entire day "off". And you know what?....It's because Moms rock. I hope your weekend was awesome and that even if you still did some of the ordinary stuff, that in those ordinary things, you saw how crazy your family is about you.

Our weekend included: 
Saturday was my first 5k. Oh, don't get too excited, I walked it. Still- it felt so good to get out there and do this with baby Eliza. I walked with an amazing group of women, most of which I go to MOPS with and we walked for a cause that's really close to my heart- The Pregnancy Resource Center in our community. Mother's Day weekend was the perfect time to walk for LIFE.
For Mother's Day, I asked for new running shoes so, we also went on a family walk today because I wanted to: 1.Try out my new shoes 2. Strap our hyper kids in the stroller 3. Get some fresh air 4. Be able to chat with my hubby without interruptions and for some reason, that's easier to do when the kids are riding along.

On the drive home from our family walk, we spotted this barn. I kinda went a bit  totally crazy when I saw it.....Like "Pull over RIGHT now, I need to take a picture!!!!". Remember? I have a crazy love for barns and this one is just exceptional, don't you think?
This evening I went to dinner with my Mom, sister and of course, we brought my side-kick Eliza along with us. Oh, that sweet baby, she just slept through the entire dinner. Going to dinner with just those ladies was perfect. My Mom, sis and I don't get that undivided time very often and when we do, it's so nice to be able to talk without any interruptions.

Me and my trio. Gosh, I love being their Mom.

I hope your day was extra special.


  1. Love the blog Angela! First time visitor and new follower. Can't wait to look around for more pictures of the 2 year old as I have one myself. :)

    1. Welcome, Sarah! Glad to have you here! Two years old is fun and busy, isn't it?


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