Friday, May 17, 2013

Be The Mom

Oh, you guys-I've been a wanna-be reader for so long. I'm that gal who's asked for book suggestions on facebook (I think I've done that at least twice), pinned lots of books that look good and put way too many books on hold at the library, only to just return them. I've had good intentions, really I have, but reading just hasn't been a priority and frankly, I haven't made the time for it.

A few weeks ago, an email caught my eye. It was from Family Life and it mentioned that with any donation, they would send you a gift, a book called "Be The Mom". Again, the wanna-be reader in me came out and I donated a small amount and requested my book. The book really did look so good and I was hoping that maybe this time I'd really read it and not do other way more (not!) important things like sit on Pinterest or watch reality TV with my husband.

Okay so, I'll get to my point here.....
I know I don't blog about books that often and yes, that's a good thing because I'm obviously not an expert in this area. However, this book is blessing my socks off and I just feel like I have to write about it. This post is most certainly not sponsored, the author has no clue who I am or that I'm even writing about her book. The point is that this book feels like it was written for me, in this crazy stage of life that I'm in with my little ones and I feel like I need to share that with you.

I've got dinner on the stove, a baby sleeping in her swing and kids playing outside while the husband mows. Maybe this isn't the best time to be blogging, but I'm popping on here to tell you that this book is written for us Moms, the Mom who's maybe a little tired of the daily grind and the Mom who's having trouble finding joy in the diapers, potty training, messes, sibling fights and normal life.

This book focuses on overcoming attitude traps and enjoying our kids. Lately, I feel like my entire personality is practically an attitude trap. I've had that "poor me, all I do is clean up after people", thing going on and that's ugly. God gave me 3 kids that were specifically handpicked to be in our family. I want to enjoy this time with them, not feel like I'm just "in the pits of motherhood".

See, we can't say that since this is the season of sleeping less, changing lots of diapers and cleaning up spilled food all day, that it's okay to not enjoy this time right now. We can't say that we'll just enjoying Mothering more later, when things are easier. No, we deserve to enjoy THIS season and our little ones deserve to see us ENJOYING this season as well. Believe me, they can tell if we're enjoying this or not. They know.

So, here's your book recommendation from a wanna-be reader. The book is changing the way I view Mothering.

And now....I should probably go finish that dinner.
Happy Weekend.

P.S The book is still on special at Family Life. Just donate ANY amount and they'll send it to you. And again, this isn't sponsored. I just get fired up about good stuff like this and then I feel like I need to share.  


  1. this post speaks to my heart! As another wanna-be-reader, I'm going to FLT now to get my book! Right on, right on.

  2. Thanks for sharing Angela! I just ordered one for my sister :-)

  3. this is so I have heard many make lasting memories and relationships while playing w your children and not so much when cleaning the house
    thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Read your highlighted excerpts and just donated to get my own copy. I'm excited to read it and pass it on!

  5. looks like a great book!
    I followed your blog :)


  6. Where did you get the book from?? I think I need one too!


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