Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Turned 29

With Eliza in my arms, I stumbled out of our bedroom, only slightly after 6am, and found Jeremiah and Judah in the kitchen decorating this cake. Apparently Judah said that he wanted to make Mommy a Chocolate Peanut Butter cake. It's moments like this, where I see my husband helping our 4 year old decorate a cake, before he heads off to work, that remind me of what an amazing Dad he is. 

Judah did most of the cake decorating himself and it was so sweet to see how proud he was of his cake. After singing me Happy Birthday (still before 7am), he immediately dug his finger right into the center of the cake and stuck it in my mouth.
For breakfast, we sat at the table and had some of his Chocolate Peanut Butter sprinkled masterpiece. He was thrilled.
We ate way too much cake yesterday. 
The middle of the day was filled with all of the normal stuff:
A baby that blew out her diaper on my leg.
Kids that spilled both of their bowls of cereal on their clothes, just before leaving for MOPS.
Bag pipe music that the kids turned on without asking. The problem is that they cranked the volume up to the highest level before turning on the previously mentioned bagpipes. My ears are still recovering.

The day was also filled with lots of sweet blessings:
My favorite coffee from my sister.
Hand written notes from the neighbor kids.
Flowers and a card from my MOPS gals.
And.....this picnic basket.

I've been slightly obsessing over old fashioned picnic baskets for awhile now. I want to take my kids on fancy picnics on a regular basis and have it be something that they'll always remember. I even have special dishes that I found on clearance at Target, that are perfect for picnics.

Well, look what my Mom showed up with. This picnic basket was my Grandma's and I love, love, love that we get to use it for our picnics now. After Mom dropped the picnic basket and flowers by, I literally stood in my kitchen and cried happy tears. I miss my Grandma and I know how thrilled she would be to see my kids going on fancy picnics with her basket.
As soon as my hubby got home from work, we loaded up and headed to the beach. We spent all evening there, having dinner, eating (more) cake, singing Happy Birthday and playing.
A little caterpillar stopping by to say "hey".

Paisley likes cake, can't you tell?
The beach was just ours and the evening was perfect. A seal was even out in the water splashing around!

Celebrating 29 with my family felt so perfect. A few years ago, I wouldn't have pictured spending my Birthday on the beach, feeding a tiny baby, and watching my two older kids play. Life sure has changed, but it's so good. I'm so excited for this year and for what's ahead.
This weekend, we'll party with more family and after that, I should probably swear off cake until at least my 30th birthday.



  1. Dear Angela...
    such a happy happy birthday for you!!!
    Love you - Mom

  2. What a lovely day!Happy 29th! Wishing more days like this one... and hope we bump into you some evening on the beach (with choc pb cake). Christy S

  3. LOVE the cake decorating!! And Judah "feeding" you the cake!! Perfect!

  4. Looks like you had a very ahppy birthday! I love the picnic basket! I have one I bought as a photo prop, but maybe I should actually put it to use!


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