Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just Do YOUR Best

He came running down the hallway, with sparkly eyes and a huge grin on his face. Finding me in the kitchen, working on breakfast, he asked me to come into his room. He said he wanted to show me something.

As I walked into his room, I saw his bed, the bed that he had just spent many minutes trying to perfectly make. Covers were spread out all over it, some of them were sort of straight. Maybe it wasn't how I think a bed should be made, but it was his best and he was so proud. I bit my tongue and decided in that moment that only praise would come out of my mouth. I smiled big and I gave him a huge high five. It was tempting to go in and straighten those covers later, but I didn't. He would know that his best wasn't good enough and what I want more than anything is for him to know that his best IS.

Daily, I'm learning that it's not about things being perfect. It's about just doing YOUR best. I can't ask for my  way, but I can ask for them to do their best and then I can praise the heck out of their efforts. I would hope that if you came to my house, that you'd find my kids beds made imperfectly, because they made them and not me. It's not about having a perfectly made bed, it's about having the opportunity to learn and knowing that your effort is good enough, in everything that you do.

Tonight I sat there and watched him get his preschool certificate. As he sang the songs with his friends, it felt like my heart was flopping around outside of my chest. Up there, he looked so much older and yet still so very small, with so much to learn and with such a pure, tender heart.
He fiddled with his button, looked at the kids behind him, wiggled, smiled, waved and lifted his shirt over his head. He did his best and his best was awesome.

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  1. this is one of my favorite things you've ever written....we never outgrow this truth...all any of us can do is OUR best and it is good enough for our father
    in fact it is wonderful
    thanks love, mom


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