Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mud Pies

Alright. Major Mom confession time. 

When I saw these kids out making what they call "mud pies", I was less than thrilled. Actually, I was a bit annoyed. Getting even more honest, I was a lot annoyed. They were NOT dressed for mud pie making and messy doesn't scare them so they were making, stomping and splatting mud pies everywhere.

The kids have been on a little Max and Ruby kick lately and one thing that Max loves to do is make, pat, splat, squish, squirt and stomp mud. When I saw their muddy mess, I was like "Great, thanks Max. Why do they have to copy him and not Ruby?"

But, it's really not Max's fault. Making mud pies is one of those things that's just ingrained in kids, kind of like how all kids want to take the couch cushions off.....And when I was little, I made a heck of a lot of mud pies, and I liked it.
Kids wash. 
Clothes wash.  
This is just part of being a kid.
So, I grabbed my camera and snapped away while my kids jumped in the mud.
It was fun.



  1. this is wonderful!!! I really believe that kids learn many important things from splashing about in mud and water! They laugh and breath...all their senses are free!, Mom

  2. Love their toothy smiles! That's the only kind I can get from Darby lately. And I applaud you for letting go, it's really hard sometimes! My child is obsessed with flinging dirt from our garden around right now and it makes me CRAZY, but I'm trying not to let her see that :0


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